T Jacket

Because hugs matter

The T.Jacket is a "smart" jacket created by James Teh aimed at relieving anxiety and stress for those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Weighted vests have been used successfully for Sensory Integration therapy in the past, but the T-jacket wants to give parents and caregivers more refined control of these techniques as needed for the child and specific situation.

Controlled wirelessly by either the child, caregiver, or parent via a smartphone app the jacket uses embedded air bags to create pressure points to specific areas of the body. A built-in motion sensor tracks frustration and activity levels of the child throughout the day and can generate custom notification alerts based on that information.

The product's cloud service also allows the data gathered by the jacket and progress to be charted over time.

"Some children like pressure, but they don’t like people touching them. A neutral object like the jacket can provide a sensory intervention. But now you can always soothe your child more quickly, easily and effectively – anywhere at any time. T.Jacket creates calming deep pressure therapy. It can be activated quickly and discreetly with your smartphone." Says Teh in an interview with FastCo

Wireless Pressure: T.Jacket-

More details about the device can be found at: Mytjacket.com or by watching the overview video of the product embedded below.

Via: Fastco
Additional: AutismBeacon, News.co.au, Fashioning Tech

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