AdhereTech develops a smart pill bottle for pharmacies and healthcare firms.


New York City based start-up Adheretech is looking to add some intelligence to that orange prescription bottle by giving it 3G and LTE capabilities, an API, and adding sensors that can measure real-time humidity levels and how many pills or fluid ounces of the medicine remains in the bottle.

This combination of sensors and connectivity enable the company to wirelessly send this data into the cloud with HIPAA-compliant process to remind patients to take their medication via a phone call or SMS, and record anonymized adherence data for future clinical reference. Early results show an adherence increase from 60% to 90% as well as a reduction in hospital readmissions/added procedures when using a similar notification system for patients.

Graduates of the Blueprint Health accelerator program and winners of the PILOT NYC health tech award Adheretech is planning on partnering with hospitals, pharmaceutical and insurance companies to have their bottles provided for use with certain medications that are very expensive or where not taking medications properly has more extreme consequences to the patient. Similar technologies already exist on the market, but so far only measure simple metrics like if the bottle has been opened, and not whether the medication has actually been removed or how much is remaining.

More details about the bottle can be found at Adheretech's site: or by following their latest @AdhereTech.

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Image Credits: Adheretech