Smart Parking

An overview of smart parking solutions currently market. View wireless providers, case studies and data platform offerings.

Solution Providers


Know Your Spot: Real Time Spot Occupancy Visibility for Parking Operators, Property Managers & Municipalities.


From parking sensors to mobile apps and parking data and analytics, Streetline's technologies help you truly understand and effectively manage...

Libelium-Metiora Smart Parking Sigfox Kit Libelium-Metiora Smart Parking Sigfox Kit

"It is designed to be placed on-road (surface installation) in parking spaces and to detect the arrival and departure of vehicles with a three...

TinyNode TinyNode

Tinynode provides high-accuracy outdoor vehicle detection systems for parking-related applications, based on purpose-built, lowest-power...

IPS Group IPS Group

IPS is partnering with innovative cities around the globe to make smart cities a reality – smart parking meters featuring enhanced payment...

Telensa Smart Parking Telensa Smart Parking

"Telensa’s on-street parking monitoring system enables cities to automatically inform road users where to find available parking spaces and to...

Kiunsys PSS System Kiunsys PSS System

"The PPS – System consists of two hardware components, the PSS (Parking Spot Sensor) and DCU (Data Collector Unit), and a piece of software, INES...

Urbiotica Urbiotica

"We create sensor-based products and solutions that connect smart cities to transform how they are managed worldwide."