Smart Waste Management Systems

An overview of Smart City waste management market. View wireless solution providers, case studies and data platform offerings.

From densely populated cities to smaller rural communities, waste management systems keep our homes and communities free from unwanted clutter.

Although these waste management services exist in nearly every community, the industry’s current operating standards have proven inefficient and highly resource-intensive. This inefficiency is largely due to outdated manual collection methods and logistical processes which lack efficient data-driven solutions.

The waste management industry is beginning to develop and implement IoT-related solutions to these problems. From waste bins equipped with fill-sensors, to data-based management and logistics platforms, the industry is shifting into a cleaner, more efficient part of modern life.

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"With the tagline "instant cash for phones" the ecoATM kiosk's use the Axeda cloud platform and built in diagnostic tools to analyze the condition and quality of old consumer devices (currently targeting cellphones) and give users cash on the spot for their used electronics saving them from years of sitting in the junk drawer of your house and out of landfills creating toxic eWaste."

Senseable City Lab: Trash Track
"Elaborated by the SENSEable City Lab and inspired by the NYC Green Initiative, TrashTrack focuses on how pervasive technologies can expose the challenges of waste management and sustainability. Can these same pervasive technologies make 100% recycling a reality?
TrashTrack uses hundreds of small, smart, location aware tags: a first step towards the deployment of smart-dust - networks of tiny locatable and addressable microeletromechanical systems.These tags are attached to different types of trash so that these items can be followed through the city’s waste management system, revealing the final journey of our everyday objects in a series of real time visualizations."

Senseable City Lab: Forage Tracking - Tools for Participatory Recycling Management
"The Forage Tracking project is mapping the tacit knowledge and spatial organization of informal recyclers.

We are using location-detecting hardware and software to investigate how Catadores, informal recyclers in Brazilian cities, find and collect material in the city. We are also developing participatory platforms that will help them to organize their activities and connect the cooperative to the citizens."

Case Study: Smart waste bins on the streets of Berlin


Ecube Labs
Ecube Labs

"Ecube Labs is a provider of smart waste management and logistics solutions that utilize IoT technologies. Our integrated line of products include...

IBM Intelligent Waste Management Platform IBM Intelligent Waste Management Platform

The IBM Intelligent Waste Management Platform has powerful analytic tools designed to accommodate a variety of functional areas and roles across...


Enevo provides a waste management solution.


Compology offers a waste management solution.


Bigbelly provides smart waste and recycling systems for municipalities, universities and venues.

SmartBin SmartBin

"SmartBin™, a OnePlus Systems company, is the global leader in remote monitoring and management systems for the waste collection industry....

Urbiotica Waste Management Platform Urbiotica Waste Management Platform

"Our intelligent waste management solution involves applying technology (electronics and applications) to the current operating system to enable...

WAVIoT Waste Monitoring WAVIoT Waste Monitoring

"Smart waste bin/container sensor for remote monitoring of waste containers collection. Sensor integrated with NB-Fi radio module enabling...

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