Carmichael Coal: Autonomous from mine to port

Adani is set to develop one of the first fully autonomous mine site in the world at their Carmichael coal mine project in Queensland, Australia.

Adani’s CEO Jeyakumar Janakaraj has told reporters they are committed to using automated technology.

“We will be utilizing at least 45, 400-tonne driverless trucks,” he said at the time. (They have since put in an order for 55 units of 960E-2 and 930E-4SE super-large dump trucks from Komatsu).

“All the vehicles will be capable of automation. When we ramp up the mine, everything will be autonomous from mine to port.”

“In our eyes, this is the mine of the future.”

Komatsu has led the world by commercializing Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) in 2008. Since then AHS dump trucks have hauled over 1 billion tons (cumulative) of overburden and minerals at large-scale mines mainly in Chile and Australia.

The Carmichael Mine is Australia’s largest mining project and proposes to ship enough coal through the Abbot Point Coal Terminal to India to generate electricity for 100 million people (60 million tonnes annually).


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Carmichael Coal: Autonomous from mine to port
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