Earth Networks acquires Whisker Labs

Earth Networks runs the largest private network of weather sensors in the world, providing key climate and atmospheric information to governments, businesses and other large institutions and is working to expand that reach into the home with the acquisition of Whisker Labs.

Whisker Labs’ sensing technology works via installing a small sensor on your homes breaker panel. The device then brings in non-connected devices online for applications related to energy consumption, fault detection, and overall home efficiency to the mass market.

“The Whisker team was focused on solving the same problem as we were — how to access high-resolution home energy data through one easy to install [do-it-yourself] sensor,” Marshall told VentureBeat in an email. “Their technology and approach is complementary to ours and will accelerate product delivery and expansion of use cases.”

The Whisker Labs division will leverage Earth Networks’ proprietary weather datasets, patented energy efficiency algorithms that correlate indoor to outdoor conditions, predictive energy analytics, and integration with the growing ecosystem of smart home devices.

Competitors in the wireless home energy monitoring space include Sense, Neurio, and Comverge

Earth Networks acquires Whisker Labs
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