IoT sensor firm AmbiSense scores €1M funding for international expansion

Apr 05 2017

AmbiSense, the Dublin-based smart sensor company that designs and manufacturers smart, field deployable, gas monitoring instruments and networks bagged €1m venture funding on 23 March, 2017. The startup is a Dublin City University (DCU) spin-out led by founder-CEO Stephen McNulty.

The smart sensor device is non-invasive, can be used without operator help, and provides a continuous flow of data, accessible to customers on any device. AmbiSense launched its first IoT-platform GasfluX, for continuous and adaptive-ground gas risk assessment platform.

Its major use cases include remote monitoring of unmanned locations, detect and prevent gas migration, site remidiation, and yield & CAPEX management using monitoring solutions offered by AmbiSense.

The company will use the proceeds to increase commercial presence and increase R&D. CEO Stephen McNulty observed that the team wants to bring data analytics and a service model to traditional land asset management. Another company Kepler operates in the home automation space and works as a gas and carbon monoxide (CO) detector using sensors & IoT.

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+ The startup is currently based at Rodgers Building DCU Innovation Campus in Dublin.

+ The other co-founders include Dr Fiachra Collins and Prof Dermot Diamond.

+ Users can utilize AmbiSense platform to connect with existing sensors on flares, manifolds and engines, enabling remote monitoring.

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