Kancy Retrofit Smart Outlet

Kancy is a Wifi smart switch that fits behind any home wall outlet to enable a user to control & automate electrical appliances, lighting, & motors through mobile/web.

In short, it makes dumb retrofits smart.

The Toronto based startup launched its Kickstarter campaign on March 7, 2017. Anything that plugs into an outlet can interact with Kancy. Its web app has notification and monitoring features for appliance & user security.

The IoT-based remote switch works worldwide even if the voltage is different so European, American, Asian, African, and Australian consumers all use the same device.

Kancy Installation

A major differentiation of Kancy, compared to other popular home automation devices like WeMo Light Switch and other smart outlets is that it doesn’t require a hub or controller and you can easily take them out if you need to move.

Users can use pre-built “if-then” scheme from the Kancy app. A typical rule might read “When I am more than 20 miles away, switch OFF water heater and A/C.”

The machine learning module of Kancy learns your usage patterns and weekend preferences to automatically turn on/off electrical devices. The reporting module generates log records to track real power consumption.

More information about the technical specifications, ports, integrations, and compatibility can be accessed on Kancy’s campaign page.


Kancy Retrofit Smart Outlet
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