I want to connect weird stuff to the internet

Brandon Stafford @rascalmicro is currently an Embedded Systems Engineer at Mystic River Engineering (Sadoway group at MIT) and the man behind Rascal Micro an open source computer designed for 'connecting sensors, motors, and whatever else you can build to the internet'.

Brandon presented at the invitation-only Sketching in Hardware event in July put on by Mike Kuniavsky and presented a talk titled 'I want to connect weird stuff to the internet' where he broke down 8 of the larger technical barriers to normal people and DIYers being able to complete their internet enabled projects. He mentions:

  • Not being able to find the IP address and having dynamic IP addresses
  • Cumbersome GUI builders
  • Confusion using SSH and console editors

You can view the presentation slides here, or read a more descriptive breakdown of the talk on the Rascal blog. Overall, the open source Rascal project looks like an exciting bridge to allieviate many of the problems mentioned and we will be following its development closely.

If you want to learn more about the project and the technical details visit: http://rascalmicro.com