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The creation of design firms Urbain DRC and INVIVIA, MIMMI (Minneapolis Interactive Macro-Mood Installation) is an inflatable sculpture installed in the plaza of the Minneapolis Convention Center that captures and displays information from the activity levels in the surrounding area as well as aggregating the general sentiment of the cities residents using real-time Twitter data.

The innagural winner in the cities Creative City Challenge MIMMI uses open source textual analysis tools to determine if a tweet sent from within a 15 mile radius of the Convention Center has a positive or negative focus. Using a 4,000 word database each Twitter message is connected to a certain color, if the aggregate mood is negative wifi-enabled LED bulbs inside the sculpture will display cool colors and if more positive will shift to warmer tones. The rate of the how fast the mood is shifted depends on the rate of Twitter posts being sent.

Visitors to the plaza also shape how MIMMI reacts. An integrated water misting system creates a cooling microclimate around the sculpture during the daytime when people approach the sculpture and their proximity can shift the overall color display (and the collective city "mood") in a warmer direction through their visit.

Whether the city is elated following a Minnesota Twins win or frustrated from the afternoon commute, MIMMI responds, changing behavior throughout the day and night.
City Mood Ring: MIMMI
City Mood Ring: MIMMI
City Mood Ring: MIMMI

For more details on the project and to see a live stream of the sculpture's current condition visit Minneapolis.org/mimmi.

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Image Credits: Meet Minneapolis

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