Connected Transportation Applications

2014/15 Internet of Things Awards

The movement of people and goods relies on a vast infrastructure, with myriad opportunities for connected tech. The Transportation award goes to innovators who are driving new developments in the way we get around.


WeatherCloud WeatherCloud

WeatherCloud crowd sources weather and road condition information by equipping trucks and automobiles with proprietary weather sensors.

Local Motion Local Motion

With our keyless access for drivers and web-based controls for managers, our technology increases fleet utilization and makes sharing vehicles in...

DecentLabs: Wireless Bridge Monitoring DecentLabs: Wireless Bridge Monitoring

A long term deployment has been set up to demonstrate the capabilities and the ease of use of wireless monitoring systems in the field of civil...


Veniam: Vehicular Networking Veniam: Vehicular Networking

Veniam builds networks of connected vehicles to provide wireless connectivity and collect data in cities. Its technology is used to deploy a large...

OpenXC Platform OpenXC Platform

OpenXC™ is an open source, data-focused API for your car. By installing a small hardware module, the vehicle data becomes accessible to Android or...

Metromile Metromile

Metromile unlocks your car’s data to take the hassle—and expense—out of driving. Offering car tracking, diagnostics, and Per-mile insurance...

FYBR parking sensor FYBR parking sensor

EVERY SPACE COUNTS. Every vehicle, every parking spot, every mile and every inch.

WeighSense WeighSense

A load off your mind. WeighSense allows you to wirelessly monitor your vehicle’s load in real time.

Truvolo Truvolo

Truvolo is a well-connected car solution that makes driving safer and smarter. We provide trusted data that can increase safety, while reducing...