Search and discover innovative IoT smart city applications and case studies as well as smart city Android and iOS apps for Amsterdam, NYC, London and Barcelona.

The following Channel Guide:

  • Gives an overview of deployed Smart City IoT projects/products and the companies that have created them.
  • Lists out a range of available smartphone apps for major cities and their features.

Smart City Vendors

Wearables / Citizen Data Sharing

  • TZOA
    "TZOA uses internal sensors to measure your air quality, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, ambient light and UV (sun) exposure all in one wearable device. "


  • EverImpact
    "We help Cities track their greenhouse gas emissions in realtime and monetize their reductions with Carbon Pricing Instruments."

Smart Street Lighting


  • BestMile
    "BestMile offers an ecosystem to manage autonomous vehicle fleets: a fleet management software, a smartphone application, a system for traveler information and solutions for the control of smart infrastructure."
  • Kiunsys
    "INES App, a product of Kiunsys, is full stack solution to deal with all aspects of parking including high level tools for management and analytics software down to street level occupation sensors and enforcing tools."
  • Anagog
    "We collect and analyze in real-time raw signals from multiple smartphone sensors in order to determine and predict the user mobility status "

Smart Parking

Waste Management

Wastewater Management

Data Management

Data Visualization

  • CityZenith
    "The company's software platform maps and visualizes the torrent of data produced by modern cities to an intuitive real-time 3D simulation that anyone from the mayor to the engineer in the field can easily use."
  • G Element
  • Solomon
    "Solomon is a growing ecosystem of hyperlocal technologies, easily combined to create powerful tools and projects for use on the web."

Smart City Case Study Projects

Smartphone Apps

Smart City Vadodara Smart City Vadodara

"Smart City Vadodara is an app which provides a platform to citizens of Vadodara to take part in Swachh Vadodara Mission (SVM) by complaining...

Human App Human App

"Every day, people track over 3 million activities with Human. We keep track of daily activity in 900 cities all across the globe to learn about...

LocalData LocalData

"LocalData is a cloud-based mapping platform that helps cities and communities make data-driven decisions by capturing and visualizing...

Sentilio Sentilio

"The main objective of the Sentilo platform is to provide a functional, open, interoperable, easily expandable platform for any city in the world...


Citizen Sensing

  • Improve My City
    "The application enables citizens to report local problems such as potholes, illegal trash dumping, faulty street lights, broken tiles on sidewalks, and illegal advertising boards. "
  • StreetBump




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