Oyster Sensor Network

Aquaculture Biosensors

The SenseT (Sensing Tasmania) project is a collaboration between the Tasmanian and Australian government, local universities (UTAS and University of Melbourne’s Institute for a Broadband-Enabled Society), and businesses including IBM to deploy networks of environmental sensors across the entire state of Tasmania. Connected via a new broadband network the $42 million project combines historical, and real-time sensor data and makes this information available for public usa via API's and an app-store.

One of the latest projects from SenseT is OysTag, a Aquaculture Biosensors project that aims to help optimize the health and production of oysters in the region.

Large sensor devices are deployed in the farms to measure general environmental conditions like temperature, and salinity levels of the water. Small Biotags are also being attached to individual oysters to detect the current depth of the creature, its movement, how much ambient light it is receiving and even the heart rate of the animal.

This data can be aggregated and used to predict the growth rate, feeding behavior and details on how to optimize conditions for healthier animals and deliver safer and more productive crops for individual farms and across the industry as a whole.

Oyster Sensor Network
Oyster Sensor Network

More details about the project can be found at: Sense-t.org.au or by watching the video below created by CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation).

Via: IBM Big Data Hub

Image Credits: CSIRO, SenseT


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