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Weathercloud is a Boulder based company looking to improve road condition safety and traffic routing using a cloud service and data gathered from sensors installed on a vehicle's license plates.

"Based on algorithms and technology developed by the National Center for Atmospheric Research(NCAR), WeatherCloud connects to cars and trucks as mobile weather and pavement sensors and combines these sensor data streams with the best available fixed surface observational data, RADAR, and satellite models to predict black ice, ground fog, freezing rain, hail, sleet, crosswinds, and falling snow. On a mile by mile basis. For the full 4 million mile US road system. Updated every 5 minutes."

How does the system work exactly?

A license plate holder senses ambient temperature, pavement temperature, and relative humidity and sends this data to a OBDII plug installed in your car (All car models made after 1996 have one) to be stored until a cellular connection can be made.

Once received the data is anonymized and combined with other higher level meteorological data to detect and create a new road condition model. This information is then sent back down to the cars onboard telematic system or to an owners mobile smartphone app as needed to manage road condition alerts or help to reroute the drivers to safer/more efficient ways to their destination.

According to the company poor road driving conditions result in 554 million vehicle-hours of delay and 3.5 billion in lost profits to trucking fleets every year. More importantly it could also help reduce the over 7,100 annual fatalities and 600,000 injuries due to these conditions (Detailed stats can be foundhere).

WeatherCloud License Plate Sensor Weather Network in action

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Image Credits: WeatherCloud

Via: Duer Reeves