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Smart Herb Garden

Looking to automate some indoor herbs for your kitchen? Monitor and manage your counter top crop from your iOS or Android phone

Use these WiFi enabled hydroponic gardens to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more in a smart countertop garden.

  • Get automated reminders and alerts when the system needs water or maintenance
  • LED lights provide for optimal growth
  • Many companies sell seed pods so the system is no mess


Top Rated

AeroGarden Harvest Elite WiFi

AeroGarden Harvest Elite WiFi Image


  • Grow up to 6 plants in soil less pods
    • Most plants germinate within 7-14 days, are ready for harvesting in 4-6 weeks
      • Non-GMO Seeds


All of these systems are designed for ease of use. Bringing fresh and pesticide free herbs and plants into your home takes just a small bit of space on your counter top and then:

  • Adding seed pods to system
  • Plugging in and connecting to your home Wifi network
  • Filling growing reservoir up with water (typically need to add water once a month from then on)

That's it. The device will then set an automated lighting and control schedule to grow your plant and you should have a fresh set of herbs for your next dish in a few weeks. If you have children it can also be a fun experiment watching the seeds sprout and grow over time.

Watch the video below to get a better idea of the system.


What are the best products that will allow you to grow fresh herbs and plants in your own kitchen?

AeroGarden Bounty Wifi

AeroGarden Bounty Wifi Image


  • Control features like turning lights on and off from your smart device
    • Grow up to 6 plants

AeroGarden Farm

AeroGarden Farm Image


  • Grow up to 24 plants at once
    • Receive reminders to add water and nutrients
      • Includes soil free seed pods

AeroGarden Harvest Elite WiFi

AeroGarden Harvest Elite WiFi Image


  • Grow up to 6 plants in soil less pods
    • Most plants germinate within 7-14 days, are ready for harvesting in 4-6 weeks
      • Non-GMO Seeds

Click & Grow Smart Garden 3

Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 Image


  • Gorw 3 plants at a time (Use $9.99 Plant Pods for easy growing)
    • Only consumes 8W of power.


$99.95 - Direct

Online Pricing

$99.95 - Amazon More

Click & Grow Smart Garden 9

Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 Image


  • Grow 9 plants at a time (Buy specific plant pods for ease of use)
    • Adjustable light height for increased growth
      • Use 95% less water than traditional ag

Additional Models

  • Ava (pre-order)

User Results & Plant Recommendations

Here are a few pictures from real users of these automated counter top herb and flower gardens and which plants seem to have a high success rate.

Aerogarden Tomato

Aerogarden tomatoes


Aerograden Chilli

Aerogarden Chilli Pepper


Click and Grow Basil

Click and Grow Basil


Aerogarden Kale and Lettuce

Aerogarden Kale and Lettuce



Plant type and growing tips

Plant and herb notes:

  • Cilantro
    - takes up a lot of water and can hurt other plants in containers chance of growing
  • Dill & Basil
    - "grows crazy"
    - "My basils take over the whole operation every time and pretty much stunt all the other herbs.."
    - "My first garden was a three pod with dill, basil, and parsley. I had so much dill I gave away bags of it. It grows insanely."
  • Cherry Tomatoes
    - Tip "Trim regularity and don’t let the plant get too tall"

General Care

  • Helpful to trim roots of plants if they get too long
  • Herbs and lettuce like cold water where Peppers and Tomatoes like room to a tad warmer water for best results.
  • "I would suggest cleaning it with vinegar and alcohol, then running it with distilled water a couple times before planting."

Note: Both Aerogarden and Click and Grow have good guarantees on their seed pod products so that if they don't grow you can receive a refund.

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