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Top Smart Home Gifts

Looking for that perfect gift for this Holiday Season?

The number of connected "smart" gadgets has exploded in the recent years ranging from voice services and speakers like Alexa, Google Home and Siri HomePods, to connected devices for the kitchen, garage and toys.

We have broken down this guide into categories so you can quickly find that perfect gadget gift that is personalized to your recipient and will provide them with joy for years to come.

Tech Gadget Gifts Under $15

Looking for a cool gift that wont break your bank?

We recommend either a Bluetooth Tracker, Smart Light Bulb, or a Smart Outlet that offer great practical gifts at a price that almost anyone can get behind.


Key Finder

94 Reviews

ESYWEN Key Finder

The little Bluetooth tags can be attached to almost anything from your key-chain to a backpack so you never lose them again. If you are in Bluetooth range (typically around 50-75 feet) you simply use the app and your device will beep for you so you can quickly find it.

Price Price not available
Best Price

Philip Hue

5,753 Reviews

Philip Hue Smart Light

This Bluetooth and Zigbee enabled light will let you control it remotely using a smart phone app. This can come in handy when turning off that last light when going to bed or making it look like you are home when you are away on vacation.

Price $12.99
Best Price

Smart Plug Gift

7,224 Reviews

Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Mini

The Kasa Mini is a great gift if you are just starting out building out your smart home. It is Wifi enabled so you don't need to have an additional hub to control it. It also features Alexa and Google Assistant control so you can ask your plug to turn anything on or off from anywhere in your home using your voice (or mobile app)

Price $24.40
Best Price

Tech Gadget Gifts Under $25

Under $25 gift gives us a little more breathing room for innovation. While the prices for Wifi and Bluetooth chips and sensors have dropped dramatically over the years it is still expensive to create "smart" products.

At this price point two gift ideas stand out, either a Bluetooth Speaker Light or a Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer.

Bluetooth Speaker Bulb

654 Reviews

Sengled Solo Bluetooth JBL Speaker

In our Under $15 price point we covered a smart light bulb. For just a few bucks more though you can take a smart bulb to a whole different level by adding a Bluetooth speaker in it. This Sengled bulb comes with Alexa support so you can play and manage your Spotify playlist in your shower all from your light!

Price $34.99
Best Price

Bluetooth Grill

187 Reviews

NutriChef PWIRBBQ60

This smart Bluetooth devices features two probes and lets you instant push notifications to your smart phone when the sensor detects the meat has reached the perfect temperature you set from your oven or outdoor grill. No more worried about under-cooked meat or getting up to check the temperature 5 times.

Price $32.05
Best Price

Tech Gadget Gifts Under $50

At this price point you can either start your smart home system off on a solid foundation with something like the Echo (retails for $49.99 but you can always find them on sale).

If you already have a control device then you can really outfit your home with either a Smart Garage Door or Home Energy Monitoring device.

Chamberlain MYQ-G0301 Screenshot

15,690 Reviews

MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener

This device has one of the most well received and rated smart home apps (MyQ iOS, Android)on the market and can retrofit almost any garage door installed from 1993 and newer. Simple opening and closing of the door, along with checking its status can all be done remotely using this MyQ device.

Price $12.99
Best Price


193 Reviews

Emporia Vue

The Vue offers great value compared with many competitors that start at nearly triple the price point. This innovative device uses clamps to install inside of your circuit breaker. Once activated the device provides energy monitoring for your entire home. Letting you see how exactly you are using your energy and from which appliances.

Price $69.99
Best Price

Tech Gadget Gifts for Parents

Have someone who recently became a parent, or has kids at home?

These smart  home devices could make a great present to make their life just a little bit easier.

Baby Sensor

325 Reviews


This device uses a specialized sensor clip to attach to an infants pajamas. Once connected it will track a babies temperature, breathing and body position. If something out of the ordinary is detected it will send an alert to the parents via the mobile smart phone app.

Price Price not available
Best Price

Tech Gadget Gifts for Kids

Have someone who recently became a parent, or has kids at home?

These smart  home devices could make a great present to make their life just a little bit easier.


226 Reviews

Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch 

This product is a win-win for both parents and kids. The watch has GPS on-board in case you need to find your childs location. The device can also make and receive calls to three numbers. Additional fun features for the child include a classroom mode and a camera.

Price Price not available
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Tech Gadget Gifts for Chefs

Looking for that perfect gift for the cook in your life?

The number of smart kitchen products has grown dramatically and range from full sized smart appliances, to cooking accessories that help you measure and monitor your food as you go.

Here are two of our favorite that will be sure to light their burners.

Smart Soux Veus

1,560 Reviews

Breville Joule Sous Vide

The Joule can attach to almost any container, from a small pot to a cooler and will cook your food to exactly the right temperature every time. With Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity and Alexa support you can monitor your dinner even on your way home from work so that it is ready right when you arrive.

Price $199.95
Best Price

Smart Food Scale

51 Reviews

Muzili Nutritional Digital Kitchen Scale

This Bluetooth food scale help you calculate the nutrition intake value and records the data every day. Use it to cook a meal to exact specifications or keep tabs on that diet and health goals over time.

Price $17.73
Best Price

Tech Gadget Gifts for Gardeners

We have a perfect set of gadgets for that person in your family that has a green thumb.

Orbit B-Hyve

472 Reviews

Orbit Hose Faucet Timer

This little Bluetooth device from Orbit goes in between your garden hose and your outdoor faucet. Once connected it can turn on and off your watering remotely while using its on-board flow meter to track water usage. Great gift for someone who doesn't want to leave their plants unattended but need to get away.

Price $37.20
Best Price

Aero Garden Wifi

532 Reviews

AeroGarden Bounty Elite

If the person you are in charge of gifts for is a little down from being indoors this Winter this Wifi and Alexa enabled smart indoor garden should help their blues. Check your garden’s status or turn its lights on or off no matter where you are and receive notifications on needing to add water or food so you get the best plant growth possible.

Price $336.98
Best Price

Tech Gadget Gifts for Geeks/DIYer

Do you have an engineer in the family or something who loves to know what is under the hood of all their toys?

Here are a few presents that will be a great fit for the tinkerer in your life.

Raspi IoT Kit

12 Reviews

OSOYOO Raspberry Pi 3 IOT Starter Kit

This IoT kit uses the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Board to connect sensors and actuators to the internet. It includes a number of sample projects to follow along with and more than 23 kinds of different electronic components in total.

Price Price not available
Best Price

Habutat Hub

425 Reviews

Hubitat Elevation Home Automation Hub

The Hubitat hub takes a different approach from the mainstream smart home devices like Alexa and SmartThings. This device focuses on storing data locally so that it preserves security and privacy for its users. Your DIYer will love seeing how many different interactions and devices they can get working together using this system and mobile devices.

Price $129.95
Best Price

There it is. Our top smart home gadget gift list for 2019.

There are a lot of gadgets that people want to have but are hesitant to spend the money on for themselves, we hope that you have found a perfect choice for those special people in your life in this list.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the team at Smart Home Scout