Find and compare Wifi and Bluetooth plant watering sensor systems. Set automatic timers and remotely monitor health using your Android or iOS phone.

The following Channel Guide will help you:

  • Determine the best system for your price and needs (DIY/Open Source, Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Get app reviews, and see if the sensors can work with your Android or iPhone or other smart home systems.

Complete Wifi Watering System

Looking for moisture sensors and automated water scheduling and control? These systems are a good place to start.


Moisture Sensors

Smart Gardening Apps and Cloud Platforms

GRO (Scott's) GRO (Scott's)

"GRO – Grow Everything More Successfully With the First Connected Yard System."

Cloud Service

DIY and Open Source Systems

EcoDuino EcoDuino

"EcoDuino is designed by DFRobot to help you grow plants. By using a series of microcontrollers, sensors and actuators, the EcoDuino system can...