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Smart Padlocks

Find and compare wireless padlocks that can be locked and unlocked automatically using your smartphone.

Smart padlocks replace physical keys with digital credentials that live on your smartphone and are accessed via Bluetooth or other wireless technologies. In addition to simplifying access, these locks also let the owner share permissions with others and receive tamper alerts.

This Channel Guide will help you:

  • Decide which connectivity type you need (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.)
  • Learn about permission sharing, tamper alerts, backup access methods and other features.
  • Compare popular brands of smart padlocks.



Bluetooth Padlocks

Bluetooth Master Lock Padlock

Bluetooth Master Lock Padlock Image


  • Backup touch code option
    • Guest access options and tamper alerts
      • Access Log

Noke Padlock

Noke Padlock Image


  • Replaceable 2032 watch battery w/ 1 year battery life
    • Quick click backup unlock (a unique combination of short and long clicks on the shackle)
      • Bluetooth 4.0 and optional Bluetooth key fob opener

Noke U-Lock

Noke U-Lock Image


  • Access Control (Time, Location, Duration)
    • Audio Alarm (If someone enters an incorrect quick-click code more than four times, a shrieking alarm will sound)
      • Quick Clcik backup access (A unique combination of short and long clicks on the end cap set when you purchase lock)