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With a name like Scanalytics, you might think the company’s presence-tracking platform would rely on some kind of proximity beacon to detect people via their smartphones — but in fact it’s much simpler. The SoleSensor is a smart floor mat that can hide under the carpeting, quietly and anonymously tallying footfalls to provide a snapshot of how many people pass by, how long they linger, and where they head next.

A single mat can be placed at a critical spot, or a series can be daisy-chained together to cover large areas or entire rooms. The embedded pressure sensors are more accurate than infrared beams for tracking who comes and goes, and can extrapolate direction, speed, and other data for each individual who crosses them.

For retailers, customer monitoring is all about figuring out how to get patrons to pay attention to products. That means analyzing the movement patterns of customers as they enter or leave and strategically placing displays where they’ll draw the most attention — and that’s exactly what SoleSensor is designed to do.

Carpet a store with the sensor mats, and managers can answer questions like: Which direction do customers head as they enter? How long do they spend in front of the interactive demo in aisle six? How long are others willing wait for a turn at the demo before moving on? They can also link customer behavior to other smart devices, for instance by having a screen display additional information whenever a customer stands in front of it for a specific length of time.

Physical Consumer Analytics: Scanalytics SoleSensor

While retail is among the most obvious use cases, SoleSensor has applications for just about any physical space humans occupy, from the smart home (automatically turn appliances on/off) to healthcare (monitoring patients) to large event spaces and conference venues (measure crowd size and movement).

Visit to view case studies, or request access to the company’s SDK and develop new products and applications based on SoleSensor technology.

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Scanalytics SoleSensor

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