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Smiirl create cool and connected objects for businesses to help them to reconnect their social identities to their physical presence.

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Grow Your Social Community From Your Store

Smiirl is a Parisian start-up founded by Gauthier Nadaud, Raphael Pluvinage, and Romain Cochetthat recently launched their first connected product Fliike that brings small business owners a simple way to bridge their online and offline marketing efforts using a physical Facebook "like" counter.

Using a WiFi connection, and a simple dashboard interface a store owner is able to tie their connected display to their online fan page. The team wants to enable small business to "shorten the link between their physical walls and their digital profiles" and have an easy way for new customers to like a Facebook page while in the store, draw in potential customers from the street, and keep a line of communication open with them after they finish their purchase and leave the store.

Storefront Likes: Fliike
"As a satisfied customer is a potential future Facebook fan, Fliike acts also as a drive-to-social: for the first time, owners and managers have a tool which facilitates the growth of the number of their fans."

More details about the device can be found at: or by following the team's latest at: @smiirl.

Image Credits: Smiirl, Quentin Ducros
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