Connect your car to apps on your phone, is a small device and connected cloud service that uses your car's OBD (on-board diagnostics) port found in all cars built on or after 1995. The ODB port is generally used by auto shops to diagnose issues and get information from a vehicle’s computer, but it can also be used for real-time data like fuel levels and a car's speed.

Once it has access to the data the module uses it's integrate GPS and cellular radio to grab additional location information and for getting that information up to the cloud (currently using the T-Mobile’s network)
Wireless Car Tracking: Mojio
Advisor Bill Weihl describes the system as "taking cars and connecting them to the rest of the world. Its open platform allows others to build on top of it leading to a wider range of more useful applications for consumers. I look forward to seeing the kinds of things people will develop on the platform," (Examples provided include; reserving and paying for parking spots, more efficient car pooling and rewarding fuel efficient driving habits).

Out of the box the system will be shipped with eight different applications for the service as well as a developers SDK and API.
  • FamilyConnect - Set a top speed and safe driving zone for the young drivers in your family, and be notified instantly when they exceed either.
  • DriveSmart - will disable texts and phone calls on yours or your teenage drivers' smart phone until the car is in park or the parking brake is engaged. You can also select up to three contacts that you want to receive calls from even when you're driving.
  • Vehicle Locate - Using the GPS you can locate your car anytime with the app, in case you forgot where you parked it. If its stolen, you can track it in real-time and let the Police know so they can attempt to retrieve it before damage is done.
  • TowAlert - knows when your car is being towed, stolen or broken into and will notify you on your phone the moment it happens – even when you’re too far away to hear your car alarm go off.
  • Mileage Tracker - Automatically track your car's usage so you can easily differentiate between work and personal trips. No more manually recording all your mileage for expense reports.
  • AutoText - AutoText saves you from having to text while driving. When you start your car, the AutoText app checks your phone's calendar to determine if you're less than an hour away to your next appointment or destination so it can send a message notifying them of how far away you are.
  • Virtual Mechanic - notifies you when your car needs care so you can stay on top of simple, preventative maintenance. This avoids unnecessary repair costs and helps keep your mechanic honest.
  • Driver Points -'s Driver Points rewards safe driving. Earn points and get cool stuff for doing what you already do, drive safely!
Wireless Car Tracking: Mojio

The product is currently raising funds on Indiegogo (Expect to also pay a $7.99 monthly charge to cover the’s cellular service) for production units and to finalize the regulatory process for the devices.

To find out more details visit or watch the team's product pitch below.

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