Mark Rolston - Frog's Chief Creative Officer discusses physical computing

Mark Rolston - Frog's Chief Creative Officer discusses physical computing with Chris Albrecht at GigaOm’s RoadMap conference.

16 minute talk is embedded below for your viewing pleasure where Mark discusses:

- Bruce Sterling's Shaping Things

- The City as a Platform - "A conceit that helps us re-frame this discussion of what a computer is becoming. We think of computers as boxes, and devices we are bound by this thinking of computers as boxes and there is a terminal to that innovation. But really what is happening is the most interesting waves of new computing is happening around us, we are inside the machine are part of it’s input schema"

- Current examples of this in use (Subway station passcards and RFID passports)

- Time-lines of some of this future technology:

References Siri that here today, shortly this technology will move into something like an earpiece where you can engage the device remotely and the next stage of this would be to move the technology into a room itself.

- What skills are needed to design these types of devices in the future.

- The human body as an input tool

Session build as:


In the age of connected devices, intelligent objects shouldn't be lonely. That’s why designers must now think about how we create objects, and more importantly, the social and technology fabric that supports their contexts of use. Chris Albrecht talks to Mark Rolston about how designers will shape the bits that create exceptional and amazing next-generation consumer products.

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