SICS IoT day recap

On February 9th in celebration of their new Internet of Things Centre the Swedish Institute of Computer Science held an IoT day that featured talks by a wide range of leading thinkers in the field including Adam Dunkels and Mike Kuniavsky among others.

The new centre is led by Kristina Höök,(professor at KTH and research leader at SICS) and has collaborations with Ericsson, Microsoft, KTH, Mobile Life, Stockholm University, Wisenet, Swedish ICT and a number of small companies including Company P, Ant Micro, and Vendolocus that will focus on the IoT and the consumer.

Description: "To create the future's attractive consumer-oriented Internet of Things applications we need three basic competences: interaction design, handling of big data, and software to connect the embedded systems with the Internet. SICS has a long experience and world class expertise in all three domains."

Presentations from the event are now available online for your viewing (PDF, Video)

  • Bu Fanjin, deputy Chief Engineer of CESI, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China: China Internet of Things Plan 2011-2015
  • Mike Kuniavsky, Orangecone, US: The Internet of people: integrating Internet of Things technologies is not a technical problem
  • Oskar Juhlin, Mobile Life: Living with Internet of Things,
  • Adam Dunkels, SICS: Device software challenges
  • Ali Ghodsi, KTH: Internet of Things Meets the Cloud
  • Jan Höller, Ericsson Research: Finding values in big data
  • Steven Johnston, Microsoft:.NET Gadgeteer: A Platform for Custom Devices

Learn more about the Centre and its goals at:

Additional Note:

Adam Dunkels' one of the events speakers and creators of Contiki ("The Operating System for the IoT") is looking for some feedback on how people are using the open source project in the wild. If you have experience with the project they have a poll up to provide feedback on the project:

Image Credits: SICS