BeClose offers a safe, affordable method of independent living for seniors. With BeClose, you get maximum peace of mind while aging in place. Wellness Elderly Monitoring

Senior Safety Net

BeClose is a company of out of Virginia that is targeting the 10 million Americans over the age of 65 who live alone. One of the goals of the system is to enable those living independently to continue doing so while still providing family and caregivers a peace of mind about their wellbeing. "Has there been no activity in the house for several hours? Has Mom been out of bed for a prolonged period at night?"

BeClose uses a range of sensors placed throughout the home to wirelessly and discreetly track a persons routines. Open/close sensors are attached to doors and cabinets to gauge activity levels and medication usage. Presence sensors are placed beneath mattresses, chairs and even under toilet mats to monitor sleeping, sitting and bathroom use, and finally wall mounted motion sensors are used to track general activity levels throughout a day.

Beclose Sensors
Beclose Mattress Sensor
BeClose Dashboard

The sensors are all connected through a base station and transmitted via cellular networks to the cloud to be analyzed and tracked. The system can be setup to notify family members (or professional caregivers) in real time if a possible issue is detected, and an online dashboard gives an analysis of sleep and activity patterns over time.

The BeClose system also offers traditional emergency response features like the “BeClose button” that can be placed in the home where accidents might occur and used to call emergency services (or if preferred just contact a family member for help).

More details about the service can be found at: or by following @beclosedotcom

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