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Cattle Tracking Systems

Looking to keep better track of your cows location, health, and if they are in heat?

Outfitting a sensor and tracking device to a cow’s collar, ear, leg, tail, or via an ingestible microchip gives farmers the ability to track a cattle’s activity levels, health, and other key behaviors like reproduction activity to increase output and overall herd wellness.


Key Benefits

  • Easy animal Identification
  • Heat detection for improved conception rates including tracking silent heats and to target best time for insemination
  • Lameness detection and general health monitoring to separate and treat sick cows
  • Calving detection so the new calf can be entered into the system and so live births can be monitored


  • GPS location tracking to monitor herd
  • Early mastitis detection to lower risk of milk loss
  • Integrate with farm database tracking of any medications or treatments and output
  • Rumination tracking to see how long they have been eating to monitor health and manage overall herd feed rations
  • identify animals under heat/cold stress

Key Drivers

In general, a farmer detects on average 60% of heats of cows in heat (Van Weyenberg, 2013)


During hot summer weather, milk production may decrease by as much as 50 percent. Some data indicates that only 10 to 20 percent of inseminations in “heat stressed” cows result in pregnancies. - Research


“At first it was hard for me to admit that electronic heat detection system is needed. Now I can't live without it... My pregnancy rate improved dramatically from 15% to 24%... “

John Hochstetler from Crystal Valley dairy (Indiana, USA), using AfiAct II


"System was installed and up and running within a weekend was identifying heifers in heat.
It spotted heifers that we would not have seen using tail paints or manual methods"

Andrew Mycock, Rusty Farming Limited using TrackaCow


A partial list of the companies offering solutions in the space.


Amsterdam Netherlands
Connecterra produces sensor and algorithms for industry applications.Their first product is Ida, an end-to-end dairy farming service.


Sunnyvale USA
Cowlar produces a dairy productivity solution.


Harmelen Netherlands
Owned by Agis Automatisering, CowManager is a cattle tracking sensor and software system.


Blackrock Ireland
Moocall creates calving and heat sensors for dairy and beef farmers herd management.

Quantified AG

Lincoln United States
Quantified Ag provides cattle industry sensors and data platform/


Madison United States
SCR is a manufacturer and marketer of dairy cow monitoring and herd management solutions.

Part of larger systems

These companies offer cattle health tracking solutions as part of larger smart dairy and beef tracking devices and systems.


Madison United States
BouMatic designs and manufacture milking systems and dairy farm equipment.


Tumba Sweden
DeLaval develops dairy farmers supply system solutions for milking, herd management, animal traffic control, feeding, cooling, manure handling, ventilation and energy recovery.


Maassluis Netherlands
Lely develops automated systems for the dairy industry.

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From simple activity monitoring to more advanced ingestible devices use these devices to start tracking your herd.


Connecterra IDA

A collar worn tracking device that monitors eating, activity, chew count and then analyses date for patterns and feedback loops with farmers.

Quantiied Ag

Quantified AG tag

An ear tag that monitors a cows movements and temperature every hour and sends it back to a dashboard via a gateway.


Moocall Calving and Heat System

Moocall offers both a device attached to a tail to track for calving events as well as a collar and RFID system for bulls to track mounting behavior, etc.


Overview video of a cattle tracking system

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Virtual Fencing

Using wearables and low voltage shocks or uncomfortable sounds with warning stimuli like vibrations let the animals know when they’re approaching an area they shouldn’t be heading towards. This enables farmers to save on material and labor costs as well as opening up rotational grazing opportunities not seen before.


San Francisco United States
Vence develops a virtual fencing wearable for cattle.

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