Control your sprinklers from anywhere with Blossom, the Smart Watering Controller.


Blossom makes your sprinklers smarter.

No, it’s not a ‘90s sitcom revival -- this Blossom is a smart sprinkler controller that replaces fixed watering times with dynamic schedules that take weather, crop types, and user preferences into account.

Compared to other connected sprinkler and irrigation controllers, Blossom stacks up well without adding much in terms of capabilities. It supports separate watering needs in up to 12 zones, checks weather forecasts to maximize efficiency, and incorporates user feedback into its algorithm to make better predictions for the specific yard or garden it’s installed in. And, of course, the automatic schedules can be overridden at any time and from anywhere via the mobile or web apps.

Physically, Blossom features a sleek design and rugged manufacturing -- it’s meant to live outdoors and stand up to the elements, and has an attractive blue LED ring that lights up whenever the sprinklers are active.

Connected Sprinkler Controller: Blossom
Connected Sprinkler Controller: Blossom
Connected Sprinkler Controller: Blossom

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature is the option to use powerline communication in homes where the normal WiFi connection doesn’t provide enough range. Blossom ships with a “bridge” device that plugs into a router via ethernet on one end, and into a power outlet on the other. It can then exchange data with the Blossom controller by adding small fluctuations to the current in the home’s electrical wiring, providing an internet connection anywhere on the property where there’s a power outlet in reach.

Tailoring a home’s watering schedule down to the last drop can reduce water usage by a lot -- Blossom’s designers estimate up to 30 percent -- and that results in big savings, so a product like this has the potential to pay for itself in short order while being environmentally responsible.

Blossom’s Kickstarter campaign runs through Dec. 17, with plans to ship in March 2015. Learn more in the video below.

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  • Supports up to 12 Zones
  • Automatically builds a smart watering schedule based on your location, weather patterns and vegetation.
  • Powerline Bridge or Wifi Connectivity


  • PCMag - 3.5/5
  • DigitalTrends - 3/5
  • Wired - 8/10