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Clime works to complement other technologies within home environment to adjust temperature, humidity, and security. We believe that paired directly with smartphone and the Clime HUB, a standalone receiver that can send all data to the cloud, Clime has the power to elevate everyone’s life with smart automation. Clime has been engineered to fit discreetly and aesthetically where people need it the most. The sleek body of the Clime sensor is packed with powerful technology and features such as a Bluetooth 4.0 chip, and a replaceable battery that will last 1.5 years. The clime body is covered in foamed PVC protecting the sensor from outdoor elements and any natural wear and tear within home habitat. We want to manufacture devices for masses, for people who are not geeks that buys every novelty and we are on the verge of achieving this.

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Tiny sensors to monitor everything you care about

It may look like a handful of Chiclets, but a set of Clime sensors is actually a simple and affordable way to start a smart home by collecting environmental data.

The candy-colored gadgets pair with a smartphone over Bluetooth and run on replaceable coin batteries for a year or more. All Climes monitor temperature, with different versions adding sensors for light, humidity or movement. There’s also an optional hub that can collect data from a bunch of Climes and make it available anywhere in the world through a cloud service.

Home Bluetooth Sensors: Clime
Home Bluetooth Sensors: Clime

Like other home sensor systems, Clime is useful for anything from a basic home security setup that notifies you when doors or windows are opened, to a simple reminder to water your plants (indoor or outdoor) when the soil gets dry. Eventually the sensors will be able to integrate with home automation platforms so their data can trigger other smart gadgets -- like by tying Clime’s temperature data to a smart thermostat, or the moisture data to an automated sprinkler system.

Clime can be pre-ordered from the company’s website, with a target ship date in March.

Learn more in the video below.

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