Smart Farming Companies

Dive into our list of the most innovative AgTech startups and companies. From software to drones to automated harvesting.



San Francisco United States
Cainthus uses machine vision technology to monitor the health and well-being of crops and livestock.

Indoor AgTech

Vertical Farming


Auckland New Zealand
Autogrow produces end-to-end solutions for the indoor farming and greenhouse industries.


Winnipeg Canada
Conviron is a manufacturer of plant growth chambers, walk in rooms, and custom controlled environments for plant science and agbiotechnology research.

Farmbox Foods

United States
FarmBox Foods provides indoor vertical farming solutions.


Philadelphia United States
GrowFlux is a developer and manufacturer of connected LED grow lights, horticultural sensors, and control solutions.


Denver United States
Growlink develops integrated hardware and software solutions for indoor agriculture.


United States
Huxley combines machine learning, computer vision and an augmented reality interface into a indoor farming solution.

Iron Ox

San Carlos United States
Iron Ox is developing fully robotized smart indoor farms.


De Lier Netherlands
Priva creates climate control and process management controllers and software for indoor farming applications as well as utility buildings like offices and retail.


Oakwood Village United States
Ridder offers controlled environment agriculture solutions including drive systems, climate screens, water treatment and software management.

Root AI

Somerville United States
Root AI provides robotics and machine learning systems to indoor agriculture producers.


Bible Hill Canada
Truleaf designs and builds vertical farms as well as owning and operating GoodLeaf Farms.

Container Farming

Alesca Life

Beijing China
Alesca Life develops automated container farming solutions.


United States
Farmshelf develops a hydroponic growing system for restaurants and hotels.

Freight Farms

Boston United States
Freight Farms provides self-operated shipping container farming operations. The company also offers a PaaS service for farmers.

GreenTech Agro

Dallas United States
GreenTech Agro's main product is Growtainer, a vertical ag solution built in shipping containers.

Smart Greenhouses


Auckland New Zealand
Autogrow produces end-to-end solutions for the indoor farming and greenhouse industries.

Heliospectra AB

Göteborg Sweden
Heliospectra offers LED grow lights and control solutions.


Emeryville United States
LumiGrow develops LED grow lights and lighting systems.

Root AI

Somerville United States
Root AI provides robotics and machine learning systems to indoor agriculture producers.

From smart LED lighting to automated climate controllers.

Outdoor AgTech

Ag Drones / Aerial Imaging


South Africa
Aerobotics offers an early pest and disease detection solution guided by drone and satellite imagery.


Eveleigh Australia
FluroSat uses satellites, drones, and some aerial imagery, to capture and analyze hyperspectral images of crops to predict disease and help growers make decisions.


Lausanne Switzerland
Gamaya develops a farming management solution using hyperspectral imaging and data analysis.


Raleigh United States
PrecisionHawk develops drones, sensors and software for businesses to manage and monitor their assets.


Richfield United States
Sentera provides precision ag drones, sensors and software.

Looking for aerial imaging tools for your fields?

Harvesting Robotics

Abundant Robotics

Hayward United States
Abundant Robotics develops agriculture robotics with their first product being an apple picking machine.


Agrobot creates agriculture harvesting robots with an early focus on strawberry harvesting.


Melbourn United Kingdom
Dogtooth develops robots for soft fruit picking.


FFRobotics develops fruit harvesting machinery.

Harvest Croo

Tampa United States
Harvest Croo develops robotic harvesting tools with an early focus on the strawberry industry.

From fruit picking to pesticide applications.

Pest Management

Blue River Technology (Acquired by John Deere)

Sunnyvale United States
Acquired by John Deere, Blue River develops plant/weed targeting machine using machine vision and machine learning technology.


Yverdon-les-Bains Switzerland
ecoRobotix develops an autonomous solar powered weeding robot that uses 20x less herbicide than traditional machines.


Salinas United States
FieldIn develops an integrated pest management solution for use in orchards, groves and vineyards.

Ibex Automation

Wortley United Kingdom
Ibex Automation develops autonomous agricultural robot systems for farmers, including an autonomous precision weed detection and spraying system for use in grassland.

Naio Technologies

Ramonville-Saint-Agne France
Naio Technologies develops robots for agriculture and viticulture with a focus on weeding applications.


Markham Canada
Skyx develops drone systems for crop spraying.

Smart Irrigation Management


La Jolla United States
GroGuru offers precision soil and irrigation monitoring systems.


San Luis Obispo USA
Hortau offers precision irrigation management solutions.


Rocca di Capri Leone Italy
Irritec offers irrigation solutions for agriculture, turf, mining, and water distribution markets.

PowWow Energy

San Mateo United States
PowWow’s develops smart water meters for farmers to project crop water demand.

Soil & Field Monitoring


Princeton United States
Arable provides a smart farming solution.


West Perth Australia
CropLogic provides decision support for large-scale crop growers based upon data collected fromin-field sensors, aerial imagery, and specific plant growth models.


Tel Aviv Israel
CropX is offers an agriculture analytics solution.


gThrive offers smart farming sensing solution.

USA offers an end-to-end environmental sensor platform for use in golf course management, irrigation and farming applications.


Minsk Belarus
OneSoil uses field sensors and aerial imaging to provide farmers actionable data about their farms.

Livestock Tracking


Afikim Israel
Afimilk develops, manufactures systems for dairy farming and herd management.


Amsterdam Netherlands
Connecterra produces sensor and algorithms for industry applications.Their first product is Ida, an end-to-end dairy farming service.


Sunnyvale USA
Cowlar produces a dairy productivity solution.


Blackrock Ireland
Moocall creates calving and heat sensors for dairy and beef farmers herd management.


Madison United States
SCR is a manufacturer and marketer of dairy cow monitoring and herd management solutions.

Gain insight into location and health parameters of livestock.

Smart Grain Management

Amber Agriculture

Chicago United States
Amber Agriculture develops technology to manage, protect and market grain for farmers.

Centaur Analytics

Ventura United States
Centaur Analytics develops a post-harvest quality monitoring chain that uses sensors to track stored crop conditions.


Sunnyvale United States
TeleSense offers a grain storage monitoring solution.

Farm Managment Software


Bengaluru India
CropIn Technology provides SaaS based tools for farm management, business intelligence, pack houses, and a CRM and input channel management solution to forecast and improve sales.


Sevilla Spain
ec2ce offers machine learning software for the smart agriculture industry.

Farmers Edge

Winnipeg Canada
Farmers Edge offers end-to-end precision ag solutions.

Granular (Acquired by Dupont)

San Francisco United States
Granular (Acquired by Dupont) offers a software and analytics platform for farmers.


Archie United States
IntelliFarms designs, manufactures and sells technology products (hardware and software) including market pricing, farm management, grain storage tracking and seed performance tools.


Fresno USA
OnFarm offers a cloud platform service for the agriculture market.



San Francisco United States
Aquabyte offers integrated aquafarming solutions.


Palo Alto United States
Smart Catch provides commercial fishing operations with end-to-end system for monitoring nets, unwanted catch, and supply chain monitoring.


Québec Canada
XpertSea empowers hatcheries and farms to track and manage their aquatic populations using a smart camera and sensing device.

Supply Chain

Identification & Traceability


Zug Switzerland
Amrosus develops a blockchain protocol for food and pharmaceutical enterprises.


Antrim United Kingdom
arc-net offers a food supply chain traceability and authenticity service.


Leawood United States
Farmobile develops smart farming monitoring solution.


Durham United States
FoodLogiQ provides traceability, food safety compliance and supply chain transparency software solutions.

Ripe Technology

San Francisco United States
Ripe uses blockchain technology to track food supply chain.

Food Quality


Branford United States
Ancera develops a food contaminants detection system.


Altamonte Springs United States
FreshSurety develops sensor monitoring solution for food waste/contamination.


San Francisco United States
ImpactVision offers a food quality solution using a hyperspectral camera and machine learning.


Hod Hasharon Israel
Inspecto develops a device that detects nanoparticles of pesticides and other contaminants on food.

Food Waste & Safety

Spoiler Alert

Boston United States
Spoiler Alert offers software and services to help food businesses minimize waste and get more value from unsold inventory


New York United States
Wasteless uses RFID tags, dynamic pricing equation, and electronic shelf labeling technology to help retailers reduce waste and increase revenue.


Redmond United States
WISErg develops a waste-to-resource conversion process that captures the nutrient value of discarded food and makes it available to commercial and residential growers in a patented liquid fertilizer.

From fleet tracking temperature sensors to price tags and new marketplaces.

Alternative Marketplaces

Full Harvest

San Francisco United States
Full Harvest offers a marketplace for surplus and imperfect produce.