Koubachi (Husqvarna Group)

Plant Care Assistant for your home and garden - tells you when and how to care for your plants.


Automate your garden watering

Koubachi, a Swiss startup, is growing its lineup of smart gardening products with a new watering controller system that wirelessly connects a garden hose or sprinkler to a soil and plant sensor, and to the homeowner’s smartphone.

The sensor, which looks like the head of a golf club, gets stuck in the ground near your favorite plants and keeps track of moisture levels in the soil. The watering controller attaches to whatever hose runs between the water tap and the sprinkler, and allows water through only when the ground needs it.

Smart Irrigation System: Koubachi

Both components, plus an Internet-connected gateway that lives in the home, connect over 6LoWPAN, a wireless networking protocol designed for low-power communication between devices. As a homeowner adds more soil sensors or watering controllers, they form a “mesh network” in which each device acts as both receiver and transmitter to extend the range of the system so that a device far from the gateway can send messages back by hops and jumps.

Smart Irrigation System

Koubachi started small, with a standalone app that provided tips on caring for various plant species. Those features were extended with the release of the first-version soil sensor, which learns about individual plants to provide more detailed care recommendations and connects over Wi-Fi.

With this watering controller system, Koubachi is starting to automate plant care itself—the app combines data from the sensor with what it knows about the plant species in the garden and the local climate and weather conditions to make smart watering decisions that are healthy for the plants and reduce overall water consumption. The company is taking preorders now and expects to ship in the summer. Learn more at Koubachi.com.

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