The Wifi Smart Sprinkler Control system that saves 20-50% on watering bills using your laptop or smartphone to schedule watering times and automatically adjusts watering amounts.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller 2nd Gen

Change the way you water

Iro is an irrigation controller designed to replace your existing manual controller and replace it with a WiFi controlled version that you can manage remotely from anywhere in the world or have automatically adjust its settings based on the expected weather conditions.

Developed by Matt Reisman, Chris Klein, Franz Garsombke out of Colorado, Iro passes all of its data onto the device's cloud platform "Rachio" that manages scheduling, retrieves the weather forecast for your area, and provides analytics for your yard's water consumption that you can track over time with personalized water reports.

Once connected to your home's WiFi network the system will take your specific regions soil characteristics, weather history and current water restrictions into account to suggest a watering schedule for you to customize for your needs. The Iro hardware itself does not have a single knob or button to fiddle with so after installation of the controller all of the unit's settings are managed completely from your phone or the Rachio web dashboard.

More details about Iro and the Rachio platform can be found at: Rach.io

Via: Colorado Innovation Network
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Image Credits: Rachio


  • Auto weather adjustments
  • WiFi Connectivity (Works with Echo, Nest, Wink, others)
  • Get alerts when schedule changes..


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