Wireless cattle tracker provider Silent Herdsman raises £3M

Silent Herdsman, maker of networked collars that track dairy and beef cattle, announced last week that it’s raised £3 million ($5 million) in a new round of investments.

The money comes from a syndicate including Scottish Equity Partners and other Scottish investors, who see a vast worldwide market for products that can improve cattle ranching.

Silent Herdsman’s collars track an animal’s movement and vital signs, so farmers can improve the health of their herds and increase milk yields. The wireless collars send alerts at the first sign of illness and keep tabs on each cow’s fertility.

The collars communicate using a central base station unit and can also:

  • Automatically sort animals using specialized gates like the ATL Pegasus and the data generated by the network.
  • Can detect changes in behaviour allowing for early health issue detection.

“The company is rapidly making sales both in the UK and internationally, and as a result, SEP is delighted to support the company’s growth plans,” said SEP partner Stuart Paterson in a statement.

Wireless cattle

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