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Pulse Light

Turn it on. Turn it up.

If you want to set the ambiance in a room by controlling light and sound from your smartphone, you’ve got plenty of options. Bluetooth speakers are nothing new, and we’ve seen a dazzling number of smart lightbulbs that can be controlled from a mobile device. But why buy two gadgets when you could get the same features from one?

That’s the advantage of Pulse, from Shanghai tech company Sengled. It’s both an LED lightbulb and a JBL speaker in a single package.

Pulse is sold as a pair of bulbs, one of which acts as a “master” that can control up to seven “satellite” bulbs (though you’ll have to buy the other six separately). Pair a mobile device over Bluetooth to stream music or audio, and at the same time you’ll have full control over the brightness of the lights, which are warm white.

At CES last week, Sengled was showing off its other smart lights that combine illumination with network technology: Boost extends the range of WiFi networks, while Snap includes a 1080p camera for indoor or outdoor home security. It uses geofencing and facial recognition to distinguish family members from strangers. A third bulb, Element, is a more basic model that uses the Zigbee home automation standard to communicate with other smart home products.

Intelligent lightbulbs are increasingly performing double duty as designers come up with creative ways to pack new features into this ubiquitous piece of our infrastructure. We’ve seen lights that offer millions of programmable colors; lights that sync to music, video games, or television programming; even lights that can triangulate location and transmit data in the visual spectrum using fluctuations too tiny for human eyes to detect.

Multi-Function Smart Lighting: Pulse

Sengled’s Boost and Pulse bulbs, including a one-bulb standalone version called Pulse Solo, are already available from the company’s website. Snap and Element will be available later this year.

Check out the video below to learn more.

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