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2019 Review
Nest x Yale

With the recent move by Google to amplify the Nest product line expect to see additional features and integrations for this sleek touchscreen enabled smart lock.


Retail Price $249.00
Amazon Price $279.00

361 Reviews

Available Finishes: Black, Brass, and Nickel
How does the lock connect?The Nest x Yale uses 802.15.4 (2.4GHz), Bluetooth, and Weave to connect.



Alexa Support?: No
Google Assistant Support?: Available
Siri / Homekit Support?: No
Smart Watch Support: Available


What type of door lock mechanisms does the Nest x Yale support?
Deadbolt Attachment
Not Supported
Interior Deadbolt Replacement
Not Supported
Complete Deadbolt Replacement
Handle (Latch/Knobs) Replacement
Not Supported
Integrated Deadbolt and Handle
Not Supported
Not Supported
Other Install (Floor/ Wall)
Not Supported

Features & Specs

Model Number RBYRD540WV0BP

Backup Key


Fingerprint Access




Long Distance Locking

Yes, Via Additional Hub



Access Codes & Users

Does the lock have access codes? Yes

"Up to 20 Passcodes", "Scheduled time codes"

Proximity Unlocking: No

Any information on number of users supported?
The company says the Nest x Yale can support 1 Owner Up to 9 additional people with Full Access Up to 10 people with Home Entry Only Up to 5 Google home members

Airbnb Integration? No

Battery & Additional Specs

What kind and how many batteries does this lock have?

The Nest x Yale uses 4 AA batteries (included)

The Nest x Yale battery life is 1 year

Lock Dimensions 6.1 x 11.8 x 5.4 inches

Lock Weight 2 lb 4.2 oz

Security Features

What kind of security does the lock offer?

The Nest x Yale has:

ANSI/BHMA A156.36, Grade 2

Our Take


Interior View


  • Integration with Google Assistant for voice control
  • Integration with Nest Secure so that when you unlock your door from an authorized device it will disable the security system.
  • Nest x Yale Lock can lock automatically when you’re away. using the Home/Away assist
  • Remote locking and control with Nest Connect Wi-fi accessory that comes in the package unlike most other smart lock solutions.

Exterior Door View


  • Focused only on Nest and Google Home/Assistant ecosystem.
  • Some users have had difficulty in getting all of the components to setup and connect properly especially if having changed Wi-fi passwords, etc as well as Nest Connect interacting with some Wi-fi routers in strange ways causing Internet issues.
  • If you have multiple Nest X Yale locks you cannot provide access to just one door (all doors get the access codes)

Apps / Voice Commands

The Nest x Yale supports or integrates with the following apps and voice assistants:

Google Assistant


Alexa Support?: No

Google Assistant & Nest Support?: Yes, the Nest x Yale supports Google Assistant with the following commands
  • Hey Google, is the [location name] door locked?
  • Hey Google, lock the [location name] door.
  • Hey Google, make sure my [location name] door is locked.

Note: You can’t unlock your door using voice commands.

Siri / Apple Homkit Support?: No
Watch Integration: Yes this lock supports: Android Watches with Google Assistant capabilities

Unboxing and Installation


Whats in the box.

What tools do I need to install this lock?
You will need Standard Phillips Head Screwdriver to install Nest x Yale

What are the locks dimensions?
The Nest x Yale is 6.1 x 11.8 x 5.4 inches in size.

Any door size requirements?
Backset = 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" (60mm or 70mm)1-3/4"[44.5mm] or 1-3/8" [35mm] Thick Door

FAQ / Support

Nest x Yale Main Image

Bottom Line

If you are already have Nest Secure or other Nest products this lock could be a perfect fit for you.

Highlights include integration with Google Assistant for voice control from the comfort of your bedroom at night or across the planet where you have a connection to remotely check on your door status and lock the door (unlocking is restricting from voice control for security reasons).

The device relies on the iOS or Android Nest app for adding user access pins. The lock features a nice touchscreen interface where you can input your 4-8 digit security code.

Unfortunately, some items to be aware of If you are looking for deep integration with Alexa, Siri or other smart home systems like SmartThings you will be better off looking elsewhere. Users have also run into some connectivity issues using the Nest Connect interacting in annoying ways with their home routers and Internet connections.

Looking into the future Google is investing heavily into the Nest product line so expect more integrations with their Nest line of security cameras, video doorbells and Google Nest Hubs.

Overall we like the clean design, deep integrations with Google and Nest ecosystem and can recommend the device for most and especially those already with Nest devices and committed to the Google Assistant voice service for their smart homes.

Your Options

lock finish

Option 1) Pick a finish

Just want the lock? Pick out the look that matches your door and house style.

remote locking smart lock option icon

Option 2) Add Remote Locking

A Nest Connect is part of the lock package so you get remotely locking and monitoring right out of the box for no extra fees.

smart lock hub option icon

Option 3) Add compatible smart home products

These devices provide either voice control or added integration with you Nest x Yale lock.

smart lock hub option icon
Managed Security System?
This lock could be part of a larger smart home security service for your home or apartment. The following home security services are integrated and compatible with the Nest x Yale

Get a full home security system that integrates with Nest x Yale at Nest Security.

System starting at $299.99 with no monthly fees

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