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2019 Review
Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth


Retail Price $249.99
Amazon Price from $15.99



Alexa Support?: Available
Google Assistant Support?: No
Siri / Homekit Support?: No
Smart Watch Support? No


What type of door lock mechanisms does the Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth support?
Deadbolt Attachment
Not Supported
Interior Deadbolt Replacement
Not Supported
Complete Deadbolt Replacement
Not Supported
Handle (Latch/Knobs) Replacement
Not Supported
Integrated Deadbolt and Handle
Not Supported
Not Supported
Other Install (Floor/ Wall)
Not Supported

Features & Specs

Fingerprint Access


Backup Key




Long Distance Locking




Access Codes & Users

Does the lock have access codes? Yes

Up to 95 codes

Any information on number of users supported?
The company says the Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth can support Up to 95 Fingerprints

Airbnb Integration? No

Battery & Additional Specs

What kind and how many batteries does this lock have?

The Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth uses

Our Take


Interior View


Exterior Door View

Apps / Voice Commands

The Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth supports or integrates with the following apps and voice assistants:


Alexa Support?: Yes , the Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth supports Alexa with the following commands

“Alexa, unlock the front door.”

“Alexa, lock the front door.”

“Alexa, is the front door locked?”

Google Assistant Support?: No
Siri / Apple Homkit Support?: No
Watch Integration: No

Unboxing and Installation


What tools do I need to install this lock?
You will need Screwdriver to install Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth

Any door size requirements?
Backset = 2 3/ 4 ”2 3/8 ”21/8 ” (70 mm) OR (60 mm)Door 13/8” 13/ ~ 4” or (35 mm-44mm) thick

FAQ / Support

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