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Luxury Smart Lock Guide

Looking for that perfect high-end lock for your new door or for a special client?

Below we dive into your options on luxury locks that have "smart" capabilities and what you should look out for when purchasing them.

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Baldwin Lock Types

The Evolved line to us represents the best combination of well designed locks in combination with good technology.

This lock looks great and if you did not know would be unable to tell it was a smart lock in the first place. This is also a bonus from a security perspective.

The Bluetooth enabled Evolved line comes with a wide range of versatility to fit any door or home style.

  • Up to 16 finish options for 18 different handle-sets
  • 3 deadbolt styles
  • 3 styles of key fob for
Baldwin Evolved Lock

Notable Features

  • Touch to open technology that uses either a key fob or the app that can be inside your pocket or purse so you never have to dig out either in order to open the door.
  • You can share e-keys with anyone via the Kevo app. Options include 24 hour access, scheduled time access,and "Anytime' for family members, etc.
  • Battery life should be around 1 year with regular use.
  • Track door lock history and activity using the app
  • If you buy the Kevo Gateway this will integrate with Alexa and you can have some voice control features.
Touch Baldwin
Kevo App

Things to know:

Kevo App:

The Baldwin Evolved line has partnered with the reviewed Kevo app in order to access your lock when you are in proximity to it.

Remote Monitoring - Kevo Gateway:

If you would like to have long-distance remote monitoring and control of your door you will also need to by The Kevo Plus Wi-fi hub. This device connects to a home router and then bridges between the lock and the Internet.

If you don't have this device the lock can only be controlled using from within Bluetooth range (20-40 feet)

Kevo Gateway 1
Wi-Fi Gateway
Evolved Fob

Fob control:

If you, your client or one of their family members that will be using the lock are not completely comfortable with technology and having to manage an app the system also comes with a stand alone accessory key fobs.

These Bluetooth devices also speak with the lock and can be used independently of the app at any time.

With both the Fob and app you can utilize the "touch to open" feature of the Evolved line as seen in the demonstration video below.

Augmented Reality App:

Confusingly the company has launched a Baldwin Evolved app on the iTunes and Android Google Play store but this is an AR (augmented reality) app that is meant to show you what each model will look like on your door.

The app will be helpful during the purchasing process in determining your favorite style and finish, but not helpful if you are trying to control your new lock from it as that is managed via the Kevo app.

Evolved AR app

Available Models:

Here are a list of some models and their prices today.

Deadbolts Only:



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