Android and Arduino Wireless Door Lock

A simple way to make a password protected bluetooth door lock using your Arduino

This Bluetooth enabled door lock was created as an Instructable by 17 year old Collin Amedee for the2012 Arduino Challenge.

Licensed under a Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike the kit of parts include: An Arduino (Instructable uses a Duemilanove), Electric Door Strike, Bluetooth Module ($9.99), TIP120 Transistor and an Android phone running a Bluetooth SPP app.

Android and Arduino Wireless Door Lock

"After you install one of these Bluetooth SPP apps, you can pair with your bluetooth modem connected to the Arduino. If it asks for a key, it will usually be by default "1234" (without quotes of course). After that, you should beable to send ABCD and the door strike will unlock for around 5 and 1/2 seconds, and then lock itself again."

The complete instructions and code samples can be found here or you can see a demonstration of the locks in action below.

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