The August 3rd Generation digital keyless door locks and doorbell cam allow you to remotely provide access to your home to anyone.


Keep the bad guys out and let the good guys in.

August is a Bluetooth 4 enabled door lock developed by Jason Johnson and industrial designer Yves Behar.

Designed to replace only the interior latch on your door (and not your complete deadbolt like some other solutions on the market), the August lock also features:

  • Auto-Unlock: The device will sense your approach and unlock the door for you
  • Passes and History: Let a repairman or out of town friend into your apartment, and track exactly when they arrived.
  • Guest Book: Write thank you notes, or leave instructions/comments from your locks guest book.
  • Backup: You can still use your regular key at any time, the key passes are encrypted, and the installed batteries will send you alerts when they are running out of juice and need to be swapped.
Bluetooth Smart Lock: August

More details about the device can be found at: or by watching the pitch video embedded below.

Via: Yves Behar @yvesbehar
Additional: Engadget, Techcrunch, DesignBoom

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  • Auto lock & auto unlock, no more fumbling for keys. - Keep your <br />existing hardware
  • Stop hiding keys under the mat. Create virtual keys for family and guests.
  • Keep tabs on loved ones with instant notifications and 24/7 activity log.
  • Keyless access for Airbnb hosts and guests.


  • PC Mag - 4.5/5 (Editors Choice)
  • CNET - 4.5/5
  • Wired - Positive