Swipe open your door

The flagship product from Kisi, a Brooklyn-based startup, is a system that can convert any electronic door lock to be opened with a mobile app instead of a keycard or pinpad.

Electronic locks aren’t common in the home, but they’re widely used in offices, hotels, and even some apartment buildings. Landlords and building managers can upgrade any door by wiring a Kisi access point to the existing electronic lock and doing some simple setup in the mobile app. Each access point connects automatically over wifi (or, optionally, the cell network) and comes with an adapter to draw power from a standard outlet.

Once Kisi is installed, the building manager can use a web-app to assign access keys to employees, tenants, or guests as well as monitor and control access to each door. For users, unlocking a door is as simple as swiping a finger across their phone’s screen. And Kisi doesn’t interfere with the original electronic lock, so doors can always be accessed the old-fashioned way.

Smartphone enabled access: Kisi
Smartphone enabled access: Kisi

Access signals are secured with 256-bit encryption, and the Kisi cloud handles authentication -- so access credentials aren’t stored locally on the access point device.

Kisi offers on-site demos, starting with a single door, and the system is already being piloted at a number of New York locations. One access point can control up to three doors, and Kisi offers free access for up to 5 users -- more users can be enabled for a monthly fee.

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