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Connected Device Privacy

The world depicted in Silent Pocket’s promo video (below) is an Orwellian nightmare of credit card theft, stalkers, and corporate espionage. A world in which the devices we trust to safeguard our digital lives are constantly, quietly, invisibly betraying us — nakedly exposing their signals, and the private data they carry, for unsavory characters to exploit.

While the chance that the average person will ever be the target of such spycraft is low, so much depends on the situation. A high-stakes industry executive or someone with a jealous, unstable ex might have good reason to worry. And remote identity theft is certainly a real, if rare, phenomenon.

Silent Pocket is a line of protective clothing for anything that’s vulnerable to radio frequency (RF) snooping, which includes the obvious phones and tablets but also RFID-chipped credit cards, passports, and ID badges. While the outside of each wallet, clutch or sleeve is made of leather or canvas, the inside is lined with signal-blocking materials.

Essentially, it’s a fashionable Faraday cage: a metallic enclosure that reflects and scatters electromagnetic signals such as cellular, WiFi, GPS, RFID, Bluetooth, and myriad other wireless protocols. While inside, a cell phone can neither send nor receive data and an RFID chip can’t respond to scans. It’s as though you’re simply out of range, like you would be in the remote wilderness or at the bottom of a parking garage.

Connected Device Privacy: Silent Pocket

Of course, it’s possible to get the same effect with a strip of aluminum foil — but that’s a questionable fashion statement at best. For a more chic look, check out Silent Pocket’s collection.

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