Internet of Things Ecosystem Map

IoT Ecosystem Map

ACQUISITION: Device Components

What information are you trying to capture from the real world?

The brains behind your device.

From energy constrained motes to full fledged developer kits...

Now that you have your sensors and hardware, how are you getting the data off of the device?

Explore available options from Bluetooth, Wifi, and Cellular connections to industry specific and long range low power solutions...

Deploying thousands of constrained devices? Needing to do more processing at the edge?

Dive into the range of available IoT Gateway hardware and software tools available...

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Analyze Layer


Analyze the data close to the action and selectively send data to the cloud.

Store, analyze, and act on the streaming data from your device and applications using IoT cloud services...

Monitor and manage connectivity throughout the lifespan of your devices.

With the unprecedented amount of data being generated by IoT devices, the increasingly important question is how to filter out this noise to enable predictive and prescriptive capabilities?

From automatically learning about its environment to recognizing internal and external operations, the right algorithms can optimize the efficiency of an IoT device and system.

What are the currently available tools for users to engage with the data from an IoT device and service?

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Integrate Layer

INTEGRATE - Business

The IoT opens up a new world of data granularity. Devices acting as agents in marketplaces and device data being shared among large number of peer applications.

What are the new service models and business models enabled in an IoT enabled world?

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Interaction Layer


How do environments that are connected shape how we interact with them? From voice assistants, to gesture recognition.

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Context Layer


The IoT requires collaboration across fields and companies. These are the groups creating some calm in the sea of technical and marketplace complexity...

Security from device to data over the life of a product is critical.

 How are governments acting to the security concerns, data privacy implications and autonomous agents that an IoT enabled world enables?

Collaboration will be key as established market behemoths battle and embrace emerging IoT players and marketplaces...

The IoT is a disruptive force in the market. Flipping business models and points of engagements with customers...

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Context Layer

CONTEXT: Use Cases

What are the devices that are actually improving efficiency and providing value for homeowners, insurance companies and property managers?

The IIoT holds the promise to shave off billions of dollars in inefficient services...

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Context: Application Layer


Trevor Harwood

Trevor has been following the IoT and its implications since 2009. He is most interested in how we can utilize technology and connectivity to reduce resource usage.



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