Top IoT Startups

Track emerging Internet of Things (IoT) players. Narrow down each startup by market vertical, financing stage and more.

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November 1, 2019

The following Channel Guide will help you:

  • Sort top startups across the IoT technology stack and Verticals (Industrial, Analytics, Platforms, etc)
  • Filter based on funding amounts, current financing stages and acquisition events.

Note: To maintain a reasonable range of listings, our definition of a startup is a company that has less than 100 employees and has raised no more than a Series C.


Hot List

IoT Security

Looking for more startups targeting IoT security applications?

Platforms / Analytics / Software

IoT Cloud Platforms
Looking for more vendors in the IoT Cloud Platform space?


Connected Products

Connected Products
Looking for more connected product startups?

Full Company Database

1600+ Companies + Investment/Acquisition activity


Smart Home

Smart Home
Looking for more connected home companies and products?

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Trevor Harwood

Trevor has been following the IoT and its implications since 2009. He is most interested in how we can utilize technology and connectivity to reduce resource usage.


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