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IoT System Integrators and VARs List

Get help with bringing your Internet of Things connected product or service to market. Filter vendor list by technology specialty. project stage, or geographic location.

The following Channel Guide will:

  • Help you narrow down the best system integrator for your wireless IoT product or service.
  • Filter provider list by location and areas of specialty in the design and manufacturing process.


Featured Firm

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VATES (IoT System Integration)

Companies that use Vates’ end-to-end IoT solutions benefit from experienced IoT engineers that fully understand systems integration and great user experiences. Work with your dedicated project manager and our engineers to create multi-platform, fully integrated IoT apps for your customers using state-of-the-art integrated architectures, MVP development, and thorough testing services

  • Vates lab environment helps your company avoid costly hardware component selection and interoperability mistakes early and throughout your project.
  • Our IoT systems integrator service verifies and validates through our high-end prototyping service that your product is success-ready and able to make the innovative splash you envision.
  • Our IoT engineers have experience working with a diverse set of technologies. Sensors and actuators like Fibaro, Wemo, and AEOtec Protocols such as Z-Wave, WiFi, and Bluetooth More specific hardware such as microcontrollers ESP32 and ESP8266

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Trevor Harwood

Trevor has been following the IoT and its implications since 2009. He is most interested in how we can utilize technology and connectivity to reduce resource usage.



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