IoT Analytics Companies

From unstructured to real-time. Dive into the providers attempting to tame the huge amount of data being generated by IoT devices

Featured Provider


Santa Clara United States
Glassbeam offers IoT Analytics and platform solutions.

Horizontal Offerings


Seattle United States
Amazon has several different plays in IoT market; from the Echo and consumer Alexa line to AWS (IaaS) for hosting and deploying enterprise IoT applications and systems.


Austin USA
Ayata offers a cloud prescriptive analytics platform. Typical customers include oil & gas and agriculture companies.

Bosch SI

Berlin Germany
Bosch SI provides IoT middleware and analytics solutions based on their Bosch IoT Suite.


Palo Alto United States
Cloudera provides a data management and analytics platform. Built using Apache Hadoop.

Gamma Analytics

New Rochelle United States
Gamma Analytics offers Data science as a service solutions.


Santa Clara United States
Glassbeam offers IoT Analytics and platform solutions.


Santa Clara United States
Hortonworks creates, distributes, and supports open source enterprise data management software solution.


Armonk United States
IBM offers its Watson cloud platform along with vertical solutions in the IoT space.

Keen IO

San Francisco United States
Keen IO makes event data APIs to build analytics apps. It can be used for embedded analytics, and IoT & Device analytics.


Redmond United States
Microsoft Corporation develops, licenses, and supports software products, services, and devices worldwide. In the IoT they offer their operating system and an IoT cloud platform.


Montréal Canada
mnubo offers an IoT cloud platform focused on analytics.


Madrid Spain
Novelti offers an IoT cloud and analytics platform.


Atlanta United States
Predikto offers a SaaS predictive analytics solution to the for rail, aviation and fleet tracking market.


Needham United States
PTC develops software solutions including an IoT cloud and analytics platform and augmented reality solutions for discrete manufacturers.

Reality Analytics

New York United States
Reality Analytics makes machine learning classifiers and detectors for hardware and software makers using raw sensor data.


Cary United States
SAS offers analytics software and services.


Southampton United Kingdom
Senseye develops a cloud predictive maintenance solution.

Signals Analytics

New York United States
Signal Analytics develops a cloud based data analytics solution.


Palo Alto United States
Striim develops an edge and cloud analytics platform.


Miamisburg United States
Teradata offers data warehousing and cloud analytics solutions and consulting.


Bath United Kingdom
ThingBook develops a cloud analytics solution.

TrendMiner (Acquired by Software AG)

Hasselt Belgium
Acquired by Software AG, TrendMiner offers discovery, diagnostic and predictive analytics for the process industry.


Chicago United States
Uptake develops a cloud platform focused on predictive analytics.

Vitria Technology

Sunnyvale United States
Vitria Technology offers an IoT cloud platform with a focus on analytics.

Edge Analytics

Edge Intelligence

San Francisco USA
Edge Intelligence provides edge analytics software.


Herzliya Israel
Iguazio offers an IoT edge analytics and IoT data platform-as-a-service.


Seattle United States
Seeq Corporation develops software and services that accelerate industrial process analytics on industrial process data.

Sight Machine

San Francisco United States
Sight Machine offers a platform for manufactures.

Vertical: Industrial IoT


Atlanta United States
DecisionIQ provides Industrial IoT analytics software solution.


Sunnyvale USA
Falkonry develops a SaaS for industrial predictive analytics.


Northampton United States
MachineMetrics develops a manufacturing analytics platform.


Burlington Canada
MEMEX develops manufacturing execution systems and machine monitoring solutions for factory floors.

Industrial IOT
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