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Top Internet of Things Companies

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IoT Startups


Haifa Israel
Augury builds a mechanical diagnostics solution using vibration and ultrasonic sensors.


Jerusalem Israel
Ayyeka offers an end-to-end industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform.


Atlanta United States
Bastille develops security software and sensors.

Filament Networks

Reno United States
Filament Networks offers an end-to-end solution that enables self-forming wireless mesh networks over long-range radio.


Mountain View USA
FogHorns offers edge intelligence software.


St. Petersburg United States
Gooee offers lighting manufacturers end-to-end solutions for analytics, building intelligence and beacon management.


Chicago United States
Hologram offers an end-to-end cellular connectivity and device management cloud service.


München Germany
KONUX develops end-to-end asset monitoring solutions.

Nwave Technologies

London United Kingdom
Nwave Technologies offers an Ultra Narrow Band open standard communication network and associated products including modules, gateway, transceiver and sensors.

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Hardware Companies

GainSpan (Acquired by Telit)

San Jose United States
GainSpan (Acquired by Telit) provides IoT with wireless connectivity solutions consisting of WiFi modules, WiFi chips, SDKs, development boards, and app development kits.


Irvine United States
Lantronix is a software and hardware provider for specialized networking and connectivity solutions.


Zaragoza Spain
Libelium is a hardware provider offering sensors, motes and gateways along with cloud integration partners.

Link Labs

Annapolis United States
Link Labs develops Wide Area Low Power Wireless Protocol technology including modules, gateways and a device management platform.


San Francisco United States
Particle offers connectivity hardware and a cloud device management platform.


San Diego United States
Qualcomm manufactures digital wireless communications equipment including processors, SoC and development kits.

Silicon Labs

Austin United States
Silicon Labs provides mixed-signal and RF CMOS silicon architectures, MCU wireless components, and sensors along with supporting software and cloud services.

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IoT Software Companies


Kista Sweden
Antmicro is an embedded software and product development firm.

DGLogik (Acquired by Acuity Brands)

Oakland United States
DGLogik (Acquired by Acuity Brands) provides an application builder and visualization platform.

ProSyst (Acquired by Bosch)

Köln Germany
ProSyst (Acquired by Bosch) offered a gateway software solution.

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Cloud Vendors

Ayla Networks

Sunnyvale United States
Ayla Networks provides cloud platform for major hardware and application vendors.

DGLogik (Acquired by Acuity Brands)

Oakland United States
DGLogik (Acquired by Acuity Brands) provides an application builder and visualization platform.

PLAT.ONE (Acquired by SAP)

Palo Alto United States
PLAT.ONE (Acquired by SAP) offers an IoT cloud platform.


Needham United States
PTC develops software solutions including an IoT cloud and analytics platform and augmented reality solutions for discrete manufacturers.


Mississauga Canada
SensorSuite creates monitoring and control solutions for boilers & electrically heated buildings.

Looking for more vendors in the IoT Cloud Platform space?


IoT Analytics

From unstructured to real-time. How do we analyze and gain insights from the data we have captured?


Seattle United States
Amazon has several different plays in IoT market; from the Echo and consumer Alexa line to AWS (IaaS) for hosting and deploying enterprise IoT applications and systems.


Santa Clara United States
Glassbeam offers IoT Analytics and platform solutions.

Keen IO

San Francisco United States
Keen IO makes event data APIs to build analytics apps. It can be used for embedded analytics, and IoT & Device analytics.


Madrid Spain
Novelti offers an IoT cloud and analytics platform.


Needham United States
PTC develops software solutions including an IoT cloud and analytics platform and augmented reality solutions for discrete manufacturers.


Cary United States
SAS offers analytics software and services.


Southampton United Kingdom
Senseye develops a cloud predictive maintenance solution.


Palo Alto United States
Striim develops an edge and cloud analytics platform.

Looking for more companies to help you get insights from your data?

Professional: Consultants

From strategy to market research to product development. Here are a list of companies that can help you in the right direction.


Berlin Germany
Fjord (Acquired by Accenture) is a design and development agency.

Glow Labs

Broomfield United States
Glow Labs provides development services for connected home products.

Harbor Research

Boulder United States
Harbor Research provides research, consulting & interactive workshops.

IoT Analytics

Hamburg Germany
IoT Analytics provides market research services.

The Incredible Machine

The Incredible Machine is a product design agency.

Looking for some help to get your project off of the ground?

Professional: System Integrators


Milpitas United States
Flextronics provides contract manufacturing and supply chain management services to OEMs.


San Francisco United States
ThingLogix develops a cloud data solution on top of AWS and offers advisory services.

Treeline Interactive

San Diego United States
Treeline Interactive is offers product development and engineering services.


Reading United Kingdom
Wipro Limited is an enterprise consulting and business process services company.

Looking for more system integrator and software/hardware engineering firms?

IoT Security


Palo Alto United States
Armis offers an "agentless" device security platform.


Atlanta United States
Bastille develops security software and sensors.


Austin United States
Praetorian develops an IoT software security solution.

ReFirm Labs

Fulton, United States
ReFirm develops device firmware security solutions.


Mountain View United States
Symantec develops security software.


Santa Barbara United States
ZYMBIT develops security hardware.

Looking for companies to help you secure your products firmware or network data?

Publicly Traded

Arrow Electronics

Englewood United States
Arrow Electronics, Inc. distributes electronic components and computer products to industrial and commercial customers.


San Jose United States
Cisco Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking and other IT product and services. They also operate Jasper in the IoT market.


Needham United States
PTC develops software solutions including an IoT cloud and analytics platform and augmented reality solutions for discrete manufacturers.


San Diego United States
Qualcomm manufactures digital wireless communications equipment including processors, SoC and development kits.

Samsung Electronics

Ridgefield Park United States
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the consumer electronics, information technology and mobile communications, and device solutions businesses worldwide. In the IoT it offers an operating system, line of hardware mod

Sierra Wireless

Richmond Canada
Sierra Wireless provides embedded modules and gateways and cloud and connectivity services.

IOT Public Companies
Looking for more IoT firms being traded on open markets?

IIOT Companies


Kefar Sava Israel
3DSignals develops an acoustic sensor analytics solution.


München Germany
KONUX develops end-to-end asset monitoring solutions.


San Jose United States
Petasense offers an end-to-end vibration sensing solution for industrial predictive maintenance applications.


Haifa Israel
Prsesenso develops a cloud-based deep learning and machine learning platform for predictive maintenance applications.


San Francisco United States
Samsara sells hardware and end-to-end solutions for fleet and industrial applications.

Tulip Interfaces

Somerville United States
Tulip develops an end-to-end platform for manufactures.

Looking for more companies targeting IIOT applications?

Vertical: Retail Analytics

Dor Technologies

San Francisco United States
Dor offers a foot traffic analytics solution for retailers.


New York United States
Estimote produces a beacon sensor-based context and micro-location platform for mobile developers.


Bellevue United States
Footmarks provides proximity marketing and analytics via beacon technology.


New York United States
Wasteless uses RFID tags, dynamic pricing equation, and electronic shelf labeling technology to help retailers reduce waste and increase revenue.

Looking for more companies targeting retail analytics applications?

Vertical: AgTech


Auckland New Zealand
Autogrow produces end-to-end solutions for the indoor farming and greenhouse industries.

Blue River Technology (Acquired by John Deere)

Sunnyvale United States
Acquired by John Deere, Blue River develops plant/weed targeting machine using machine vision and machine learning technology.


Emeryville United States
LumiGrow develops LED grow lights and lighting systems.

Root AI

Somerville United States
Root AI provides robotics and machine learning systems to indoor agriculture producers.

From Drones to autonomous tractors to soil sensors.

Additional Categories

Additional resources

Below we take a closer look at the IoT initiatives from firms with over a billion dollars in market cap.

This has been a breakout year for the Internet of Things industry, with many new investments, mainstream press coverage, and new product lines being created. Within all of this commotion a handful of larger companies have started marketing campaigns trying to shape the topic for their customer base. 

More Details


Stock Ticker: ARMH
Market Cap: 22.07B
"ARM’s comprehensive product offering includes 32-bit RISC microprocessors, graphics processors, enabling software, cell libraries, embedded memories , high-speed connectivity products, peripherals and development tools."

IoT Overview: "ARM creates sensors, controllers, and other embedded intelligence in devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the collection of smart, sensor-enabled physical objects, and the networks, servers and services that interact with them. It is a trend and not a single sector or market. However, ARM’s technology designs enable the current and future IoT applications and services to become truly ubiquitous and intelligent."

IoT Projects & Activity:
- Internet of Things Site
- UK Technology Strategy Board project
- Aquired Sensinode
- Video - ARM CEO on the 'Internet of Things'
atmel-iotMore Details


Stock Ticker: ATML
Market Cap: 3.16B
"Worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of microcontrollers, capacitive touch solutions, advanced logic, mixed-signal, nonvolatile memory and radio frequency (RF) components."

IoT Overview: "Today, Atmel is right at the heart of The Internet of Things, a highly intelligent, connected world where Internet-enabled devices will outnumber people. Our technologies are fueling machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and the “industrial Internet.”

IoT Projects & Activity:
- Purchased Ozmo a provider of low power WiFi in 2004
- Embedded Design Blog // IoT Tag

More Details


Stock Ticker: Private
Size: Approximately €52.5 billion in revenue in 2012
"The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services, active in the fields of automotive technology, energy and building technology, industrial technology, and consumer goods."

IoT Tagline:
The Internet of Things and Services
IoT Overview: "In the near future, more and more devices and systems will be capable of sending and receiving data automatically via the internet. We’re already poised on the verge of new developments that offer enormous market potential. According to our estimates, by the year 2015 more than six billion devices and systems will be connected to each other and exchanging data via the internet. The Internet of Things and Services (IoTS) isn’t just a distant vision of the future, however – it’s already very real and is having an impact on more than just technological developments."

IoT Projects & Activity:
- Internet of Things Blog // RSS
- Video Introduction
- Bosch IoT Labs
More Details


Stock Ticker: CSCO
Market Cap: 125.08B
"Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings are used to create the Internet solutions that make networks possible-providing easy access to information anywhere, at any time."

IoT Tagline:
The Internet of Everything
IoT Overview: "Cisco defines the Internet of Everything (IoE) as bringing together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before-turning information into actions that create new capabilities, richer experiences, and unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses, individuals, and countries."

IoT Projects & Activity:
- Whitepaper
- Video Introduction
- Infographic
- $150m IoT Fund
- IoT World Forum
ericsson-iotMore Details


Stock Ticker: ERIC
Market Cap: 42.51B
"Ericsson is the world’s leading provider of technology and services to telecom operators."

IoT Tagline:
Networked Society
IoT Overview
: "Ericsson has a vision of 50 billion connected devices by 2020. Included in this vision is the Networked Society where all aspects of people's lives, the operations of enterprises and society in general are impacted by the proliferation of communications. The Internet of Things will be a major cornerstone of an emerging networked society."

IoT Projects & Activity:
- IoT Research Blog
- Networked Society Film
- Video: The Social Web of Things
freescale-iotMore Details


Stock Ticker: FSL
Market Cap: 4.28B
"Freescale is a leader in embedded processing solutions for the automotive, consumer, industrial and networking markets. From microcontrollers and microprocessors to sensors, analog ICs and connectivity, our technologies are fueling the next great wave of innovation."

IoT Tagline:
Connected Intelligence
IoT Overview: "At Freescale, we see the Internet of Things (IoT) as billions of intelligent connections that will encompass every aspect of our lives and make our world smarter, greener and safer. We believe that the biggest opportunities within the IoT will be in the transformational shift from the computing nexus to highly intelligent nodes - when intelligence massively scales, and the nodes have the power to learn, adapt and communicate."

IoT Projects & Activity:
- Created IoT World
- Infographic
- Whitepaper: What the Internet of Things Needs to Become a Reality (PDF)
ge-iotMore Details


Stock Ticker: GE
Market Cap: 248.43B
"We build appliances, lighting, power systems and other products that help millions of homes, offices, factories and retail facilities around the world work better."

IoT Tagline:
Industrial Internet
IoT Overview: "New GE technology merges big iron with big data to create brilliant machines. This convergence of machine and intelligent data is known as the Industrial Internet, and it's changing the way we work."

IoT Projects & Activity:
- Minds & Machines Conference
- Whitepaper (PDF)
- Video: Brillant Machines
google-iotMore Details


Stock Ticker: GOOG
Market Cap: 397B
"Google is a global technology leader focused on improving the ways people connect with information."

IoT Overview: No statement from company on specific IoT outlook

IoT Projects & Activity:
- Event: Nest Labs aquired DropCam in June 2014
- Event: Company acquires Nest Labs in Jan 2014
- Event: Company acquires Waze in 2013
- Event: Company acquires several robotics, AI, and computer vision companies
- Google Ventures
- Android (Android @ Home)
ibm-iotMore Details


Stock Ticker: IBM
Market Cap: 203.48B
"IBM offers a wide range of technology and consulting services; a broad portfolio of middleware for collaboration, predictive analytics, software development and systems management; and the world's most advanced servers and supercomputers."

IoT Tagline:
The power of IoT data
IoT Overview: "As more and more devices connect together to form the Internet of Things, the volume of data is expanding at an exponential rate. But, we can’t act on nearly 90 percent of the data generated from these connected devices. This is due, in part, to our limited ability to analyze the vast quantities of unstructured information we receive from IoT devices. Cognitive computing gives us the opportunity to make sense of IoT data such as images, video and text in a variety of languages. As the cognitive system “learns,” it can even make recommendations about your best course of action."

IoT Projects & Activity:
- Welcome to the World of Watson on IBMGO
- Video: IoT Overview
- Watson IoT for Developers
- MQTT Support
- IBM MessageSight
- IBM MoteRunner
intel-iotMore Details


Stock Ticker: INTC
Market Cap: 115.41B
"Intel Corporation designs, manufactures, and sells integrated digital technology platforms worldwide."

IoT Tagline:
Intelligent Systems
IoT Overview: "The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming our world from disconnected, isolated systems to Internet-enabled devices that can network and communicate with each other and the cloud, providing the opportunity for businesses to enhance productivity and efficiency, develop new services and improve real-time decision making. Intel is working to accelerate the development and deployment of the Internet of Things through building intelligent devices, creating systems of systems by connecting legacy devices to the cloud, and enabling end-to-end analytics."

IoT Projects & Activity:
- Video: Collaborating for the IoT
- Presentation: The Internet of Things starts with intelligence inside (PDF)
- Event: Company acquires Wind River in 2009
- Intel® Atom™ Processor E3800 Product Family
- Intel Arduino Galileo
- Infographic
- Backgrounder: TThe Internet of Things Backgrounder (PDF)
microsoft-iotMore Details


Stock Ticker: MSFT
Market Cap: 540B
"Microsoft Corporation develops, licenses, markets, and supports software, services, and devices worldwide."

IoT Overview: "The Internet of Things (IoT) is here today in the devices, sensors, cloud services, and data your business uses. Begin with what matters most to your company: the Internet of Your Things."

IoT Projects & Activity:
- Azure IoT Suite overview
- Getting Started: Tutorials on getting started with Azure IoT Hub
- IoT Developers Blog
- Windows Developer Program for IoT - Github site
- Microsoft IoT Twitter @microsoftiot
- Article: Nadella says Windows 10 will tie everything together in the IoT
oracle-iotMore Details


Stock Ticker: ORCL
Market Cap: 181.42B
"Oracle Corporation develops, manufactures, markets, hosts, and supports database and middleware software, application software, cloud infrastructure, hardware systems, and related services worldwide."

IoT Overview: "In this connected world, the proliferation of intelligent devices has created a market for entirely new solutions based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology. With the ever-increasing amount of data that is inherent in an IoT world, the key to gaining real business value is effective communication among all elements of the architecture.

Only Oracle’s Internet of Things platform delivers an integrated, secure, comprehensive platform for the entire IoT architecture across all vertical markets."

IoT Projects & Activity:
- Java Embedded
- Oracle IoT Community
- Video: IoT Keynote
- Whitepaper: Oracle's Internet of Things Platform: The M2M Platform for a Connected World
- Online Event: IoT Forum
ptc-thingworxMore Details

PTC / ThingWorx / Axeda

Stock Ticker: PTC
Market Cap: 4.4B
"PTC delivers technology solutions that transform the way you create and service your products."

IoT Overview: "In the IoT era, PTC's customers are bringing to market increasingly smart and connected products which can generate value in new ways as streams of real-time operational data are captured, analyzed, and shared to deepen a company's understanding of its products' performance, use, and reliability. PTC will use the ThingWorx platform to speed the creation of high value IoT applications that support manufacturers' service strategies, such as predictive maintenance and system monitoring, in complement to PTC's existing service lifecycle management (SLM) and extended product lifecycle management (PLM) solution portfolio."

IoT Projects & Activity:
- Video: IoT Vision
- Event: Company acquires ThingWorx in late 2013
- Event: Company aquires Axeda IoT Platform in July 2014
- PTC Service Lifecycle Management
- PTC Product Lifecycle Management
- Analysis: PTC extending product lifecycle to Internet of Things
SAP-iotMore Details


Stock Ticker: SAP
Market Cap: 92.02B
"SAP AG provides enterprise application software and software-related services worldwide. It offers products in applications, analytics, cloud, mobile, and database and technology categories."

IoT Overview: "Transform the way you do business with Internet of Things offerings from SAP. Our end-to-end offering for Internet of Things provides everything your business needs to create a System of Things - M2M Connectivity, cloud platform, device management, big data management, event stream processing, predictive analytics, and apps-to make IoT projects real, repeatable and scalable."

IoT Projects & Activity:
- SAP IoT Blog (IoT Consultant David Stephenson's posts)
- SAP IoT Twitter
- IoT Solutions Overview
- SAP President Steve Lucas IoT keynote video.
tiMore Details

Texas Instruments

Stock Ticker: TXN
Market Cap: 44.48B
"Texas Instruments (TI) is a global analog and digital semiconductor IC design and manufacturing company."

IoT Overview: "The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly growing with the expectation of 50 billion connected devices by 2020 to provide smart,invisible technology that works for you based on your preferences. With the industry's broadest portfolio of embedded wireless connectivity technologies, microcontrollers, processors and analog solutions, Texas Instruments offers many cloud-ready system solutions for the IoT."

IoT Projects & Activity:
- ConnecTIng Wirelessly Blog
- SimpleLink product line
- Whitepaper: The Evolution of the Internet of Things (PDF)
- Product: Bluetooth SensorTag
qualcommMore Details


Stock Ticker: QCOM
Market Cap: 124.26B
"The world leader in next-gen mobile technologies that accelerate wireless life."

IoT Overview: "The Internet of Everything is here and rapidly evolving. It is heterogeneous - encompassing both vertical and horizontal products and services - wireless and wireline, indoors and outdoors, and it is populated by products that run the gamut from smart computing devices to simple machines that have ‘smart’ capabilities because of the network and services to which they connect. It serves consumers and enterprises and will increasingly pervade all aspects of life in the modern world.

Qualcomm is addressing numerous vertical markets and fostering open, horizontal interoperability supporting healthy and dynamic ecosystems."

IoT Projects & Activity:
- AllSeen Alliance
- M2M Search

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