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Hot List


Samsara is designed for diverse environments from energy monitoring to asset utilization to vehicle tracking. Fully-wireless sensors are flexible...


Notion provides wireless home monitoring easily & effectively, regardless of location. Whether you rent or own, Notion is the only monitoring system...

Hologram IoT

The Cellular Connectivity Platform for IoT. Empowering makers, engineers & creators with cellular connectivity.


IoT developer platform for building and visualizing real-time Internet of Things solutions with ease.

IoT Security


Bastille Networks is the first and only #CyberSecurity company to detect and mitigate threats affecting the Internet of Things #IoT. Chris Risley CEO

Device Authority

Device Authority is simplifying the security challenges that organisations face when protecting access to services and data for the Internet of...


Utilizing behavior analytics to identify, manage and mitigate cyber threats across IoT devices

Tempered Networks

Save time and money, while protecting your critical infrastructure and information. We help you prevent network attacks with proven award-winning...

IoT Security

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Platforms / Analytics / Software


Deployable in minutes, Helium smart sensing solutions bring efficiency and innovation to your business through increased perception and insight.


The IoT Smart Products Platform that connects consumer products to the Web and manages real-time data in the cloud to drive applications &...


Concirrus operates a cloud-based platform to organise the Internet of Things to help customers create, improve and disrupt business models...


Axonize provides a full-stack IoT platform, ready to use right out of the box. Axonize allows you...

Altizon Systems

Datonis is Altizon's award winning Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) Platform with special focus on Manufacturing and CleanTech (Energy) Sectors


Litbit is the original creator and primary driver of the Apache Iota open source project. We use Iota as the core of our human+machine...


Xaptum simplifies messaging for the internet of things, providing the edge computing infrastructure behind real-time, smart-thing...


Filament provides turnkey wireless sensor networks for industrial customers that let you retrofit any existing machine, sensor, or device.

IoT Cloud Platforms

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With our technology, we build sensor solutions on the edge of the physical limits. We employ artificial intelligence to build gateways to the...

Sight Machine

Sight Machine helps organization make better decisions through presenting manufacturing big data and analytics through IIoT and cloud computing.


Our mission is making the Internet of Things plug&play for any legacy and new device.

Litmus Automation

THINGS | BUSINESS | CONNECTED We are a high-tech startup in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) with our main product being a cloud-based...

Connected Products


SAM Labs' wireless blocks and drag-and-drop app allow anyone to learn the basics of programming and become an instant inventor. Shop our range of...


Revolar makes it simple to look after the people you care about. It’s small enough to wear anywhere, yet powerful enough to alert trusted contacts...


MODE is a full-featured, secure IoT cloud platform that enables companies to build smart, connected products.


A time tracking device that saves you time and money, boosts your productivity and increases profitability. ZEIº is integrated in many current...

Connected Products

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Smart Home


Thington builds a new way to interact with a world of connected things .


Automate the most important parts of your everyday by Connecting Every Thing in your life.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller 2nd Gen

The Wifi Smart Sprinkler Control system that saves 20-50% on watering bills using your laptop or smartphone to schedule watering times and...


Ecovent lets you control the temperature of every room. Set the temp you want and we'll do the rest. Get rid of rooms that are too hot or cold.

Smart Home

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