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June 28, 2018

The following Channel Guide will help you:

  • Sort top startups across the IoT technology stack and Verticals (Industrial, Analytics, Platforms, etc)
  • Filter based on funding amounts, current financing stages and acquisition events.

Note: To maintain a reasonable range of listings, our definition of a startup is a company that has less than 100 employees and has raised no more than a Series C.


Ayla Networks Screenshot

Ayla Networks

Sunnyvale United States `
Ayla Networks provides cloud platform for major hardware and application vendors.

Hot List

Samsara Screenshot


San Francisco United States `
Samsara sells hardware and end-to-end solutions for fleet and industrial applications.
Hologram Screenshot


Chicago United States `
Hologram offers an end-to-end cellular connectivity and device management cloud service.
Blueooth Light Featured Image


Cincinnati USA `
Losant offers an IoT cloud platform.

IoT Security

Open Source Bluetooth scale Featured Image


Atlanta United States `
Bastille develops security software and sensors.
Device Authority Screenshot

Device Authority

Fremont United States `
Device Authority produces IoT software security solutions
Filament Networks Featured Image


Tel Aviv-Yafo Israel `
SecuriThings offers an IoT cloud security solution.
Personal Energy Orb Connects Physical Energy Levels to the Digital Featured Image

Tempered Networks

Seattle United States `
Tempered Networks develops identity and security networking software.

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Platforms / Analytics / Software

Helium Screenshot


San Francisco United States `
Helium offers connectivity hardware and device management solutions.
Artik Cloud Featured Image


London United Kingdom `
EVRYTHNG offers an IoT platform targeted at consumer product manufacturers.
Quantified Public Space Featured Image


London United Kingdom `
Concirrus offers a cloud platform focused on the insurance industry.
Axonize Screenshot


Tel Aviv-Yafo Israel `
Axonize provides a cloud platform targeted at System Integrators.
Altizon Systems Screenshot

Altizon Systems

Pune India `
Altizon offers an IoT cloud platform.
LitBit Screenshot


San Jose United States `
Libit offers machine learning software for the enterprise.
Xaptum Screenshot


Chicago United States `
Xaptum develops SW-WAN edge networking software.
Filament Networks Screenshot
Filament Networks offers an end-to-end solution that enables self-forming wireless mesh networks over long-range radio.

IoT Cloud Platforms
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Open-Source Agriculture: FarmBot Featured Image


München Germany `
KONUX develops end-to-end asset monitoring solutions.
BITalino Featured Image

Sight Machine

San Francisco United States `
Sight Machine offers a platform for manufactures.


Pontedera Italy `
Alleantia sells sensors, Gateways, SCADA Servers to the industrial market.
Litmus Automation Screenshot

Litmus Automation

Palo Alto United States `
Litmus Automation offers an IoT cloud platform for industrial applications.

Connected Products

SAM Labs Screenshot

SAM Labs

London United Kingdom `
SAM Labs develops a line of consumer educational hardware kits.
MODE Screenshot


San Mateo USA `
MODE offers an IoT cloud platform.

Connected Products
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Smart Home

Stringify (Acquired by Comcast) Screenshot

Stringify (Acquired by Comcast)

Los Gatos United States `
Stringify develops a consumer smart home automation mobile app.
Thington (Acquired by Eero) Screenshot

Thington (Acquired by Eero)

San Francisco United States `
Thington (Acquired by Eero) developed a consumer smart home app.
WiFi Sprinkler System Featured Image


Denver United States `
Rachio creates a consumer smart sprinkler controller.
August Screenshot


San Francisco United States `
August produces a line of consumer smart home products including locks and connected doorbells.
Canary Screenshot


New York United States `
Canary develop consumer smart home security devices.

Smart Home
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