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June 20, 2018

The IoT marketplace and product development process is complex.

We have compiled a list of specialists focused on everything from market research and strategy consulting to hardware and software specialists to help navigate the minefield of IoT protocols and other technical hurdles to jump through.


Treeline Interactive Screenshot

Treeline Interactive

San Diego United States `


Claro Partners Screenshot

Claro Partners

Barcelona Spain `
Claro Partners is management consulting firm..
Harbor Research Screenshot

Harbor Research

Boulder United States `
Harbor Research provides research, consulting & interactive workshops. Screenshot

North Sydney Australia `
AlterNet offers product development services.
Amyx Screenshot
Amyx provides strategy and technology consulting services.

Market Research Focused

IoT Analytics Screenshot

IoT Analytics

Hamburg Germany `
Berg Insight Screenshot

Berg Insight

Sweden `
Berg Insight is an IoT market research firm.
Machina Research (Acquired by Gartner) Screenshot
Machina Research (Acquired by Gartner) is a research and advisory firm.
Moor Insights & Strategy Screenshot

Moor Insights & Strategy

Austin United States `
Moor Insights & Strategy is a technology analyst, advisory and consulting firm.
Compass Intelligence Screenshot

Compass Intelligence

Bandera United States `
Compass Intelligence is a market analytics and consulting firm.
ARC Advisory Group Screenshot

ARC Advisory Group

Dedham United States `
ARC Advisory Group is management consulting technology research firm.
MachNation Screenshot


Harrisburg United States `
MachNation is research and consulting firm.
Beecham Research Screenshot

Beecham Research

London United Kingdom `
Beecham Research is market-research firm.

Product Design

Printed NFC Bottle Labels Featured Image


Brooklyn United States `
Distributed Water ATMs Featured Image


Berlin Germany `
frog Design
Frog Design is a design and strategy firm.
Smart Landfill Gas Collection Featured Image

MAYA Design

Pittsburgh United States `
Smart Design Screenshot

Smart Design

New York United States `
Smart Design is a product design and development firm.
The Incredible Machine Screenshot
The Incredible Machine is a product design agency.
Productize Screenshot


Bruxelles Belgium `
Productize is an IoT design and development firm.
THINGS Screenshot


Milano Italy ` offers product development services.
Optimal Design Screenshot

Optimal Design

Arlington Heights United States `
Optimal Design is a Product development & strategy consultancy.
Telepresence Robots Featured Image


Sunnyvale United States `
D2M is a product development firm.

IoT Hardware / Software Consultants

Define your technical architecture, battle wireless conflicts and more with these solution providers.

Glow Labs Screenshot

Glow Labs

Broomfield United States `
Glow Labs provides development services for connected home products.
dc-square Screenshot


Landshut Germany `
logicline Screenshot


Sindelfingen Germany `
logicline is a software development firm and VAR.
Mesh Systems Screenshot

Mesh Systems

Carmel United States `
Mesh Systems is a solution development firm with their own IoT cloud platform and software frameworks.
Design 1st Screenshot

Design 1st

Ottawa Canada `
Design 1st is a hardware product development firm.
Thingsquare Screenshot


Stockholm Sweden `

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