Explore IoT smart sensor and actuator solution providers. Compare types and technical requirements and protocols across market industries.


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Arduino / DIY sensors

Looking for some plug and play sensor platforms? Or some easy to use standalone sensors and actuators?

SunFounder Arduino Sensor Kit SunFounder Arduino Sensor Kit

$66 --- 37 Modules Sensor Kit V1.0 for Arduino. "35 projects and 37 modules for you to learn basic knowledge about Arduino. With an...

Grove - Starter Kit for Arduino Grove - Starter Kit for Arduino

$49.90 - Includes a base shield along with a sound, touch, temp, light and rotary angle sensor.

GrovePi+ Base Kit GrovePi+ Base Kit

$89.99 - The Base Kit includes the GrovePi board and 12 Grove sensors (Sound, Temp and humidity, light, ultrasonic, rotart angle) so you can build...

LoRA Sensor Kit LoRA Sensor Kit

€ 299.00 - "The Kit includes everything you need to get started with new IoT networks. It consists of a powerful Arduino computer, LoRa Radio and...

Raspberry Pi Smart Sensor Kits


DIY Platforms

Projects / Organizations

  • Public Lab
    "A community where you can learn how to investigate environmental concerns. Using inexpensive DIY techniques, we seek to change how people see the world in environmental, social, and political terms."

DIY Smart Sensor Projects

IoT Sensor Manufacturers

MEMSIC (Acquired by IDG)

MEMSIC (Acquired by IDG) designs, manufactures and markets CMOS MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) IC products that have on-chip mixed signal...


Monnit sells wireless gateways, sensors, starter kits, software, and controllers.

TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity designs and manufactures connectivity and sensor products.


STMicroelectronics N.V. designs, develops, manufactures, and markets semiconductor integrated circuits and discrete devices.

NXP Semiconductors (Acquired by Qualcomm)

NXP Semiconductors (Acquired by Qualcomm) provides high performance mixed signal and standard product solutions for radio frequency (RF), analog,...

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments Incorporated designs, manufactures, and sells processors, MCUs, power management circuits, and sensors.

Dialog Semiconductor

Dialog Semiconductor develops mixed signal integrated circuits for mobile, tablet, IoT and solid state lighting applications.


Sensor SoC

Construction / Buildings

Smart Data Centers / Server Monitoring

Smart Label Sensors

Motion Sensors


Sensor Fusion


IoT Sensor Data Platforms

SensorUp Platform

SensorUp connects sensor networks to enable a deeper understanding of disparate sensor data.


IntelliSense.io provides a cloud platform for the natural resources industries with a focus on mining operations.

Ayla Networks

Ayla Networks provides cloud platform for major hardware and application vendors.

Sensor List and Protocols


  • OGC SensorThings API is an OGC standard specification for providing an open and unified way to interconnect IoT devices, data, and applications over the Web.
  • XEP-0323: Internet of Things - Sensor Data: Sensor data interchange over XMPP networks
  • IETF: SenML Media Types for Sensor Markup Language

Energy Harvesting

IoT Actutators


Moti is a new platform for easily building things that move. It consists of smart motors that are accessible from a web browser. There, you can...

Additional resources


Background Articles


  • Synthetic Sensors
    "exploring the notion of general-purpose sensing, where a single highly capable sensor can indirectly monitor a large context without direct instrumentation of objects."