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DisplayCabinet is a prototype developed over the course of 24 hours by Ben Bashford, Dan Williams, and Tim Burrell-Saward for last years Internet of Things Hackathon. The project took a group of everyday inanimate objects (car keys, figurines, a toy bus, etc) merged them with a corresponding real-time data source and embedded them with RFID tags for identification. These objects were then combined with a pico projector so that when placed inside a circle of light projected onto the surface of the cabinet information relevant to the thing would be displayed around the objects.

"A figurine could show your Dad's last known location based on the GPS data from his phone. A toy bus would show when and where the next buses are due to arrive. A small train gives pre-warning of any problems with the underground network.

As long as the data sets are available, the end user would be free to choose the information that they want to see. The system is designed to be completely unobtrusive when not in use, disappearing into the fabric of the building until it is required. Once activated, the information it conveys is concise and to the point, imparting just the required information and nothing more." - Full Description from Tim


Learn more about the project on the developers sites:
Tim's page: http://www.timburrellsaward.com/display-cabinet.html
Ben's page: http://journal.benbashford.com/post/4530562245
Dan's page: http://www.iamdanw.com/made/displaycabinet/ (Additional technical details)

Image Credits: DisplayCabinetTeam


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