Fedex Senseaware

The Internet of Things goes for the commercial packaging market. Targeted for a 2010 release to a few select companies Fedex is rolling out a new sensor based packaging system called SenseAware that will give you the most critical data about your shipment, in near real time. It can tell you things like if your package has been:

*Opened or exposed to light.
*Its exact location in the transportation process.
*If it's too warm or too cold.

*If its been opened or dropped

The GPS and cellular signals are used to provide real time positions, and the data is fed back through a web platform for the all of you obsessive compulsive types to monitor.

SenseAware is supposedly especially good for the following:

*Unique or rare — such as samples from clinical trials.
*Temperature sensitive — such as pharmaceuticals.
*Light sensitive — such as film or art
*Time critical or location critical — such as human tissue and organs.
*Biohazardous or dangerous — such as explosives.
*Highly valuable — such as medical equipment.

Even though the product is only rolling out to a small group of companies, the prices on these devices are expected to fall quickly at scale and you could soon be using those to make sure your Christmas jello cake makes it to the family intact this year.

Via: Fastcompany

Fedex Senseaware