IoT Drones

Guidebook to the tools, software and applications for Internet enabled drones.

Drones acting as sensor devices open up a large number of Internet of Things applications in agriculture, mining operations and industrial inspection services.

Companies & Projects

Matternet Matternet

Matternet ONE is the first smart drone for transportation. Send things through the air — magically, with the touch of a button. Matternet ONE...

ARIA (Autonomous Roadless Intelligent Array) ARIA (Autonomous Roadless Intelligent Array)

The potential of this autonomous infrastructure can radically transform the delivery of goods globally, thus accelerating economic growth and...

UAV SmartHub UAV SmartHub

"A revolutionary system that converges professional "UAV as a Service" with the "Internet of Things" (IoT)."

H3 Dynamics H3 Dynamics

UAV SmartHub - H3 Dynamics is a Singaporean industry leader for energy storage, advanced robotics, field communications, and real-time analytics...


  • UgCS - We create easy-to-use software for mission planning and execution for all types of unmanned vehicles.


  • DroneDeploy - "Automate drone flight & explore map data directly from your app."

Data Platform:


  • Cylon.js "A JavaScript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things. It makes it incredibly easy to command robots and devices. Support for Bebop, ARDrone."


Agriculture Drones

- See our Smart Farming Channel for more details on drone mapping and planting

Smartwatch drone control

A trio of Sony engineers (Peter Bartos, Alexander Najafi and Jonas Hellström) recently demonstrated this phenomena with their mashup project for controlling a quadcopter drone with a smartwatch and some prototype eyewear.

Drawing on the accelerometer in the SmartWatch 2, the drone’s movement is controlled by the tilt and twist of the wearer’s wrist. The SmartEyeglass prototype displays flight data and can even show images from the drone’s camera.

Both the watch and the glasses are paired over Bluetooth to a mobile device, which passes flight instructions to the drone over Wi-Fi.


The engineers published open-source code and a tutorial for replicating the project.

See it in action in the video below.